Talking with clouds.

I grew up in a country, where the climate plays a big role in day to day life. There is usually very short summer and everyone tries to fit all the events into the shallow window of summer. Usually if you are lucky with the weather for your event then everything else comes as a bonus. That’s why very often local people use their skills to change the weather for the better. It requires certain belief and skills to turn the clouds around.

First of all you have to know that you are creator of your reality. That includes also the weather. The most popular news on mass media are about the weather and they get the most of attention, which creates the probability for the forecast. The more people watch the prediction about coming rain, the more they put their intention into it.

I started practicing with small clouds in the sky to make them go away. When I look up and pick a cloud that I want to disappear, I imagine that there is just blue sky in that spot. Soon in 5-10 minutes the cloud diminishes. Then I learned how to create clouds. Once I was in Nevada desert with my friends, where we had a little picnic, I decided to create a cloud in the middle of the day in a sunny sky where there were no signs of clouds, because it was too hot. It took me less than five minutes to make a small cloud appearing in the sky and very soon it was gone again because of the dry heat. That was the proof for me, that this technique works.

Year after year I’ve been developing my skill to talk to bigger clouds in the sky. Like there was a big storm coming up during my brother’s wedding. The clouds were almost black, which was a sign of thunder and heavy rain. And they were right on us, when we had a ceremony outside! Me and couple of local farmers were keeping the clouds away until we could finish the ceremony. The clouds were turning around us until the last person got inside and then the heavy rain came down with thunder.

Since then every time I organize a festival or an event outside I always think about the weather. I imagine what kind of weather I want to have on that day or even a week. The more I have time to put attention into this thought, the bigger is the probability that the weather would be exactly as I wanted.

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