Which festival to choose for summer 2022?

As you probably realised, tantra is not just about theory – it is a very practical form of teaching and the best way to learn is through personal experience. That’s why we encourage you to try the practices on yourself and with your partner.

Tantra festival is for everyone

And the best way to do that is at a festival with likeminded people. That’s why we are dedicated to create these festivals for people to meet and practice together. So this year we have even two festivals for you to try. Yes, there are actually two tantra festivals happening this summer in Estonia. Both have amazing lineup of teachers and healers – all to support your growth and wellbeing. First one will take place in the middle of July. You can read more about it here. And the second one will be in August. Find out more about it here. The first festival is more general and great starting point for beginners. There are more different kind of workshops, which include all kinds of practices, not only tantra. The second one is more specific, where you can dive deeper into tantra world and discover the essence of tantra fully. Tantrafest is also focused more on couples and relationships because we believe, that the greatest and fastest way to evolve is through relationships. But there is also enough for you to discover, if you are new to tantra. For you we have special introductory corses and lectures throughout the festival.

So which festival to choose? If you ask me, I would take both because who knows, when are we going to have another chance to meet and learn from one another. This summer is definetly the best time for that. And we even have a special offer for you if you want to participate on both of these festivals. You can find it here on our website. After the second festival we will have a retreat for those of you who want to experience even more. This weekend we will be holding space with one of the most famous tantra teacher and healer living. Shaft Uddin is a remarkable person who has made a tremendous growth from a depressed drug addict to a superstar with over 35 million views on youtube. Find out more about this guy and if you feel the attraction, you can join our event with him in Estonia at the end of August.

I will be teaching with my partner also at a small Tantra Festival in Finland this summer. It’s a cosy community in Finnish forest, where people live in a tantric family and grow their own food – amazing atmosphere! There are only 50 tickets to that festival so if you feel a calling, write to us ASAP at igor@learn2touch.com But if you are not a festival person and you would prefer to learn by yourself at home or in your own space, we have somethign special for you as well. For the past 15 months we have been building a training environment for couples and singles where anyone can learn in their own phase. There are dosens of massage videos, workshops and challenges for you to improve your love-life and get more connected to yourself or your partner. We will be creating new workshops and videos there in autumn, so get connected and stay tuned for more fresh material at http://www.learn2touch.com

We also offer one on one sessions to our clients. Both me and my lover are therapists, who offer different therapies from tantra massage to coaching. Get connected with me or Bella here and we will be gladly at your service. We wish you an empowering summer with a lot of sun and connection with nature. Stay healthy and stay connected. Remember – you are not alone. In tantra we support eachother like in a big family.

Much love to you and your close ones.

Igor Earthchild

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