Massage by Earthchild

Igor Earthchild is giving massage sessions in Helsinki and Tallinn.

Book a session with Igor HERE.


  • Body Dearmoring – 200 €
  • Chi Nei Tsang – 70 €
  • Tantra Massage – 200 €
  • Earth Massage – 70 €

As a therapist I work with my clients on several different levels. This massage therapy includes physical body, emotional state, energy level & mental health.

All these aspects are related with each other. My mission is to balance the different levels of a human being and bring order into your life. It will save you from diseases or mental disorders that would otherwise make your life miserable.

By receiving 1-3 therapy sessions you can literally change your life and become a happy person, who is guided by love instead of fear. Come and make that shift with my help! Book a session HERE.

Tell me about your problem

Do you suffer from a headache?

Here is a quick fix for you.
Head Massage by Earthchild

Tantrinen Hieronta Helsinki

Tantra Massage in Helsinki

Тантрический массаж Хелсинки

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