Video: Om Shanti

Working with these bright spirits on Koh Phangan island was an interesting experience to me. They are on the road for years. They spread their message with keen belief that the world would become a better place if people would sing Mantras and keep their heads clear.

This song speaks about great teachers who were living on the planet, some of them are still alive. Actually every one of us can become a great being if we start to trust in our inner wisdom. You can find more songs from them here:

You’re so beautiful“& “Shiva Lullaby

Blessings to the great spirits!

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Song: Visa-run in Koh Phangan

Run, run,  visa run

Bali, Goa, Koh Phangan.

I have lost my visa

Long time ago.

My friends are on Ibiza,

But I don’t wanna go.

Run, run,  visa run

Bali, Goa, Koh Phangan.

I have lost my wallet

Long time ago.

My friends they call from Bali,

But I rather stay with Cali.

Run, run,  visa run

Bali, Goa, Koh Phangan.

I have lost my money

Long time ago.

Now I’m without my honey,

Because I let her go.

Run, run,  visa run

Bali, Goa, Koh Phangan.

Goa is next destination,

But my new friend is Ganesha.

I have lost my track,

I don’t know where to go.

Run, run,  visa run

Bali, Goa, Koh Phangan.

Music video: Shiva lullaby.

We were filming this beautiful Luna Deva angel voice in Thailand on magical Koh Phangan island where all the spiritual teachers go to celebrate life and charge their batteries of pure happiness. 

My dreamgirl

I met you in paradise

You were there naked

I was too shy to look.

You said today we swim naked

For me there was no excuse.

I took off my thrauses

and layed next to you.

You were so hot,

I couldn’t hide my errection

And you were just laughing

No need for perfection

We were eating the sun.

I came back later

To have some fun

And then I realized,

Where I have seen you before.

You were on my desktop

a long time ago.

You were now real

I met my creation

My mysterious girl.

You’re back on my desktop

And now I know

That you are somewhere

Enjoining the show.

But one day you will know

I will take away that sadness

And bring you some real snow.


I make my girlfriend smile

only once in a while.

I make her laugh

but not enough.

And then sometimes

my girlfriend cries.

It makes me mad

when she is sad.

Why is it always personal

When she is so emotional?

We fight all night

I’m always right

I stay inside

when things get wild.

My heart stays closed,

I cannot change her I suppose…

Singing mantras with great spirits

Mantras help me through my day. I sing different mantras in different situations. There are mantras for protection, for tuning your body, your mood. There are even mantra to grow and heal my teeth. This particular healing mantra we were singing at Sound-Dome, Nashima school on Koh Phangan Island, Thailand. Find out more about mantras in my previous post about Mantras.


My life is always filled with joy.
My happyness is like a toy.
I have it with me all the time.
And no one takes it, because it’s mine!
Come and try my happy life.
Make a miracle of your life!

Happy people is not a treath.
They don’t want to see no death.
They just enjoy the happiness of life.
And bring more sunshine, lots of light.

How to do less,

How to stay clean
How to reduce stress,
How to be green?
How to survive
Without a fight?
How to stay alive
And make things right?
It’s time to wake up.
Out of the dream.
It’s now up to us,
To clean up the scene.
We have to be sure,
That we have the right
We don’t have to fear
It’s gonna be alright.

Song “I choose life”

I choose Life!
I have the Power!
I choose Energy!
I am a Flower.
I feel the flavor
I bring Love.
I feel Joy.
I hear voice.
I see the sun rise.
I see all diskise
I know, it’s all right.
I have my own way.
I live it all day.
I breed the fresh air,
And growing long hair,
I dance a lot,
I laugh a lot.
I dream a lot
I see my dreams
as reality.
Reality –
is my fantasy.
I choose my fantasy!
I choose life extasy!
I choose life!