Travel light

Since I quit my job I have been traveling all around the world. Traveling opens up perceptions of who I really am. It shows me different angles of life and helps me to find out what I like the most in my life. It could be something new that I experience or it’s something that I miss the most from my home. Traveling teaches me to cherish more my home country. I miss so many simple things from my home when I’m away. I learn to appreciate the country where I belong.

I learned to travel with minimum things that I need because everywhere I go there is always abundance and I have everything that I need. I learn to be less attached to things and people around me. I can leave my luggage anywhere. I allow a hotel to take care of my bag. No one will throw it away. For example I left my suitcase at a dorm and called them on the way to a port that I will come and pick it up one day. It’s still there waiting for me. When I go back to this island I will have my things waiting for me there.


If you are at an airport and you feel that the are too many bags with you, take the bag with things you need the least, make a picture of it and go to lost and found section, leave it there saying that you found it. Remember what you had in it, write down the date to remember and then you can come and pick it up at any time within next 2-3 months.

Every day!

Pay attention to your life.

Pay attention to every thing you do during your day. Start adding new things in your every day. Try to do something new every day. Try to say something different every day. Try to go different way every day. Try to listen different music every day. Try to change the channel every day. Try to move a bit of your furniture every day.  Work a bit on your own project every day. You will always get where you want, if you do a bit of it every day.