My dear friend.

After a year of silence I came up with “Mantra”. It’s my new book – the collection of my poems in three languages: english, estonian and russian. It’s a tiny book filled with mantras that would change the life of every reader. That’s why it’s called “Mantra”.

I printed only a limited edition of books to keep them rare and special. There is not going to be a second release of this book. One copy costs 15$ including shipping worldwide.

But you can also buy an e-book version, which costs 10$ each.

Thank You for being patient with my blog. There is a lot to read and lot more is coming soon. I’m glad I’ve published my book, so now I can concentrate on my blog again.

Lot’s of love to You, my reader!

Enjoy my book!
Enjoy LIFE!


You can order book here:

Allow changes into your life!

If you want your life to be different, you have to allow new things into your life. Most of people are too busy with their responsibilities, they don’t even have time for any change. This way life goes by and dreams will stay dreams.

If You really want the change, start noticing people around you and see what can they offer to you. Take a day off from your work and spend time with things and people you like. Universe is giving you opportunities, but You are the one who has to take them.

Here is a good mantra for that: “I allow positive changes into my life!”