Save your relationship

Every time your loved one has an emotional breakdown or bad mood, you have to take her in your arms and whisper to her ear: “No matter what you say, feel or do, I still love You.” This will cure almost every problem caused by mind. Unconditional Love is the cure to your relationship.

It allows us to evolve. We have to release all the negative feelings that we carry inside. Lover is the best initiator for you who activates these emotions that you need to deal with. Instead of blaming on the other you should focus inside you to find out what is causing this negative feeling. Talk to your inner-child like parent with a kid. Ask what is bothering him. Give love and protection. Be kind to you and your loved ones.

couple in love


What makes you scared? What are your fears? Can you make a list of your fears? It’s not easy to be honest with your self. But imagine talking about that to the others. It might even reduse some of your fears, if you can talk about them freely to someone who listens. Some fears are afraid of light, they disapear when you say them out loud. Some of them become funny. Some fear wants to be faced with open heart. Don’t run away, when you face your fear. Let it come to you and be present. Feel love in this present moment and let go of fear. Don’t fight it, just allow and forgive. Don’t forget to thank your fear for giving you a lesson. The lesson, that you ordered in your life. After you met or exposed all of your fears, you might become fearless. How does it feel to be fearless? Is it closer to enlightment? Or is it closer to true you?

Forest around You.

Imagine all the people around you are just trees. Stop wasting your time and energy on their thoughts or emotions. Don’t be afraid of their judgment. Stop listening to their stories, advices, comments – it’s all just their noise. Concentrate on yourself and people that are close to you. The rest is just forest.


Sacrifice your stuff.

We own too many things around us. Actually these things own us. In order to get some free energy and space around you start making sacrifice by giving away things you dont use. Be honest to yourself and look around you. What is that you really need? Find the way to give your belongings back to the Universe. Give it a meaning so that every piece would have a positive charge. The Universe will respond when you are in a need. 

Do we need time all the time?

Time helps us to organize our life. Time keeps us busy. It shows if we are late or we are too early. We feel good when we are on time. We keep track of time all the time. We made up time and now we are keen to it. We never let go of it. Unless we do something that allows us to forget about time. But this moment don’t last long. Can we survive without time? I’m not sure, but we can try. Let’s have at least one day in a week when we don’t use time at all. Which day would suit You best?

Do it now!

How often do you make promises to do things in the future? How long have you been waiting for the right moment? The right moment is now. Instead of postponing, take action right at the moment when it comes to your mind! This might be the best time to deal with it and you will save your to-do list from a lot of small duties. Enjoy doing it NOW!

Stay in Future!

Stay with your mind in the future. Take your best vision about your future and live it. If not possible in reality, live it in your daily dreams. Dream about your life instead of remembering things from the past.

All the memories that we have are not real any more. We just need to take with us our skills, knowledge and beautiful memories. All negative memories can be deleted. Forget about bad and your life will change into a flower!Pilt

What is mantra?

Mantra is an ancient way to program your mind and manifest changes in reality. It can be song or sentence, or just a word with a deeper meaning. By repeating mantra you are tuning your mind to this vibration and reprogramming your subconsciousness.

Actually you can hear modern mantras every day. Even a silly commercial can work as a mantra for you if you hear it long enough. You don’t even have to believe in this message, if your subconsciousness receives the message for at least forty days, it takes it as granted. So you can choose your own mantras or pick up songs with positive messages that work for You and repeat them every day.

Fun is the key to your success.

If you want to be successful, you have to enjoy what you do.

Forget about problems, stop listening to bad news around you

and just concentrate on your FUN.

Stay away from people, who are telling you, what all on earth might go wrong.

It’s useless information that doesn’t support you.

Instead try to make everything you do


This way you increase positive effect of your duties and change your world

into exciting journey.

Success always follows happy people!

Success is followed by money.

Play with Sugar!

Do you know that sugar is a legal drug? Here is an experiment for you. Try to avoid eating sugar for one week. (Follow the ingredients of your food also). Then after a week take a large portion of sugar at once and see what it does to your body and mind. Try a can of coca-cola for instance. It will get you high! Next time try for two weeks and then once a month. Play with it, it’s legal!