How long is a moment?

No one has ever told you, how short it is, because one moment can last for ever. Everything is happening right now. There is no past, there is no future without this moment here. You can trust yourself and stay in this moment for ever. Everything that surrounds us, is trying to push us out of this moment. It pushes us to suffer for the past and worry about the future. That is not necessary if you know one secret. Everything from your past and your future is real only in your head. It’s either your memory or it’s your fear or dream. The only real thing is what you see or feel right now. 

Do it now!

How often do you make promises to do things in the future? How long have you been waiting for the right moment? The right moment is now. Instead of postponing, take action right at the moment when it comes to your mind! This might be the best time to deal with it and you will save your to-do list from a lot of small duties. Enjoy doing it NOW!