Here You can find some useful guided meditations from my friend in California.

Please enjoy my Third Eye & Crown Chakra Activation Guided Meditation where you will tune in & sharpen your Psychic Awareness & Connect With Infinite Intelligence.

Enjoy my 20 Minute Guided Meditation where you will Clear & Activate your 7 Chakras leaving you feeling Energized & Recharged.

My 13 minute guided meditation is a great approach to Holistic Healing as you will be guided to tune your 7 chakras and allow for white light healing to take place throughout your entire body.

Please enjoy my Simple Guided Breathing Meditation that makes for a gentle reminder to stay mindful of your breath. This is a great meditation for beginners or for anyone that is looking for a repetitive reminder to B-R-E-A-T-H-E to the unique sounds of the Tamboura instrument to help keep the rhythm & flow and allow the energy of the Prana to recharge your Spirit.

Try this meditation by setting an intention first, for example, set your intention to receive guidance from your inner being, the cosmos, universal intelligence or however you chose to call it. You may choose to ask a general question or ask for guidance in a specific area of your life. Another approach would be having no intensions or questions but to simply keep your mind clear & free during the meditation allowing it to guide you to where your Soul takes you. Just flow along with it to see where you go 🙂 This is an opportune time to stay open to receiving guidance or messages. You may receive them either during meditation or in your daily life in the days to follow, simply be open to the messages you receive throughout your daily life and while in dream state. We rely on our human senses to validate or confirm our inner visions when in fact its our feelings that are the true interpretations of our soul’s desires for us. The next time you get a random thought or a sign don’t dismiss it as a coincidence but rather acknowledge that the Universe is answering you 🙂 Be open to receive. Remember that breathing is key to effective meditation. Don’t be hard on yourself and seek an immediate answer through meditation, let the answer come to you and it will 😉


 If you are interested in a Powerful Meditation made just for YOU, contact me at or for Law of Attraction Coaching & Personalized Meditations visit & follow me on… Love & Light To You ALL ~ Namaste ~ XO

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