My dear friend.

After a year of silence I came up with “Mantra”. It’s my new book – the collection of my poems in three languages: english, estonian and russian. It’s a tiny book filled with mantras that would change the life of every reader. That’s why it’s called “Mantra”.

I printed only a limited edition of books to keep them rare and special. There is not going to be a second release of this book. One copy costs 15$ including shipping worldwide.

But you can also buy an e-book version, which costs 10$ each.

Thank You for being patient with my blog. There is a lot to read and lot more is coming soon. I’m glad I’ve published my book, so now I can concentrate on my blog again.

Lot’s of love to You, my reader!

Enjoy my book!
Enjoy LIFE!


You can order book here:

Stay in Future!

Stay with your mind in the future. Take your best vision about your future and live it. If not possible in reality, live it in your daily dreams. Dream about your life instead of remembering things from the past.

All the memories that we have are not real any more. We just need to take with us our skills, knowledge and beautiful memories. All negative memories can be deleted. Forget about bad and your life will change into a flower!Pilt

Illusion of choice

We can choose between different cornflakes, but all we get is GMO corn.

We can choose between different toothpaste, but we always get toxic Fluoride.

We can choose between different drinks, but we always get lots of sugar.

We can choose between different liquor, but it’s all the same alcohol.
We can choose between different brands of smoke, but it’s all same tobacco and chemicals.
We can choose between millions of interesting websites, but we spend most of the time in Facebook or Youtube.
We are free to choose between different thoughts, but these thoughts are placed into our heads through media by our system.
Start making your own choices!

Fun is the key to your success.

If you want to be successful, you have to enjoy what you do.

Forget about problems, stop listening to bad news around you

and just concentrate on your FUN.

Stay away from people, who are telling you, what all on earth might go wrong.

It’s useless information that doesn’t support you.

Instead try to make everything you do


This way you increase positive effect of your duties and change your world

into exciting journey.

Success always follows happy people!

Success is followed by money.

Play with Sugar!

Do you know that sugar is a legal drug? Here is an experiment for you. Try to avoid eating sugar for one week. (Follow the ingredients of your food also). Then after a week take a large portion of sugar at once and see what it does to your body and mind. Try a can of coca-cola for instance. It will get you high! Next time try for two weeks and then once a month. Play with it, it’s legal!

Superstar of Your life.


Your life is like a movie. What role do you act in your life? Are you acting as main caracter or you have a side role? Or maybe you think, you are part of the crowd in your own movie?

This is Your movie! You are the superstar of your life. Start acting like one! Rewrite your script! Change your life into comedy or action! The world will follow your script. The world will accept you as superstar.

How to fight Fears?

As long as we live in duality, there is always good and bad, black and white, love and fear, Yin and Yang.


But You can choose, what do You want in your life. Our brain is fed with fears every day. Bad news, criminal series etc. You can escape from fear through Love. Every time you see the news about another “terror act”, you do not have to experience the fear of this happening. Ignore the bad news or You can just send love to cure the pain and suffer. We can share love every day. The more love we share, the less space will be left for fear. Start by adding “love” to each email that you send. It could be even your work email. Don’t be afraid to spread love to your world.


Love cures all the fears.