How to fight Fears?

As long as we live in duality, there is always good and bad, black and white, love and fear, Yin and Yang.


But You can choose, what do You want in your life. Our brain is fed with fears every day. Bad news, criminal series etc. You can escape from fear through Love. Every time you see the news about another “terror act”, you do not have to experience the fear of this happening. Ignore the bad news or You can just send love to cure the pain and suffer. We can share love every day. The more love we share, the less space will be left for fear. Start by adding “love” to each email that you send. It could be even your work email. Don’t be afraid to spread love to your world.


Love cures all the fears.

1 thought on “How to fight Fears?

  1. There is a good way to add word love in each of you emails.
    You can just use sentence “I love my job!” in your signature.

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