What makes you scared? What are your fears? Can you make a list of your fears? It’s not easy to be honest with your self. But imagine talking about that to the others. It might even reduse some of your fears, if you can talk about them freely to someone who listens. Some fears are afraid of light, they disapear when you say them out loud. Some of them become funny. Some fear wants to be faced with open heart. Don’t run away, when you face your fear. Let it come to you and be present. Feel love in this present moment and let go of fear. Don’t fight it, just allow and forgive. Don’t forget to thank your fear for giving you a lesson. The lesson, that you ordered in your life. After you met or exposed all of your fears, you might become fearless. How does it feel to be fearless? Is it closer to enlightment? Or is it closer to true you?

How to fight Fears?

As long as we live in duality, there is always good and bad, black and white, love and fear, Yin and Yang.


But You can choose, what do You want in your life. Our brain is fed with fears every day. Bad news, criminal series etc. You can escape from fear through Love. Every time you see the news about another “terror act”, you do not have to experience the fear of this happening. Ignore the bad news or You can just send love to cure the pain and suffer. We can share love every day. The more love we share, the less space will be left for fear. Start by adding “love” to each email that you send. It could be even your work email. Don’t be afraid to spread love to your world.


Love cures all the fears.