Can we control our emotions?

Do we have to react every time something unpleasant happens in our life? It could be traffic, annoying neighbor, whining kids, or troubles at work. How can we get out of Emotion slavery? The easiest way out of it is breathing! Every time you are in situation, where your negative emotions starts to grow, breath deep and slowly in and out. Listen to your breath and imagine air filling your body with energy. Breath out all negative feelings! Then smile, because You are Free!

Are You Free?

Choose your freedom!

You are free of loans.

If you don’t own to a bank anything, that means you are free. You are free to go where ever you want. You are free to live where ever you want. You are free to choose how do you want to live. Let go of your connections with the system!

Start with small things like credit cards or leasings. Minimize the amount of the bills you get every month and maximize the amount of invoices that you make. Sell the property to pay the loans and pick something cheaper.  Take from life as much as you need. There is enough for everyone.

Financial Freedom.

Find yourself a thing, that keeps you happy. Learn it and start doing it. Soon it will become your job. Then you can let go of your office duty. You will have your own business.

The freedom of medicines.

Stop believing in your pills, start believing in your self! You have the power to heal your self and the others! You just need to trust Love inside you, that will heal all the wounds. Start looking at herbs around you. If you’ll ask for guidance, it will come to you.

You are free of emails.

Say good bie to everyone! Tell them that you love them and let go!

Every thing that bothers you in this life, you can let go of it. Stay connected only with the things you like.

Let go of your friends.

Most of the people you are connected with, doesn’t support you any more. You can let go of anyone. Especially old memories. Those people are not the same any more. They live only in your head. Start becoming a good friend with yourself.

The biggest freedom of all is freedom of thoughts.
You can let go of any thought in your head. Especially those that keep on repeating them selves. Don’t listen to your thoughts, that are keeping you in old memories. Clean up your head from every useless thought and free your mind.