Video: Healing sound

Very often we do not notice what kind of sound surrounds us. When we live in a city, most of the time we are surrounded by noise. It is something inevitable, because we cannot close our ears. They are always open to receive. Different sound can have strong effect on our body. It could have destructive or healing effect. There are commercial music channels that feed people with unhealthy music. The frequency of the sound can be stressful and the message is also not always good.

Instead you can try to listen to healing sounds with positive messages, that will improve your health and keep you in a good mood. Scientists have discovered now the forbidden sounds that can do incredible things. The right sound can straighten human spine, cure deceases like cancer or even aids. Ancient cultures new how to use sound for amazing things. For example Lemurians were using sound temple to rejuvenate human body. Ancient Egiptians were using sound to build high buildings of heavy rocks by creating antigravity in stones.

Here is a good example of sound’s healing effect that I experienced at Sanctuary on Koh Phangan island in Thailand.

Kids with no vaccines

I’m lucky enough to live in a county where vaccination for newborns is not obligatory. Both of my daughters never got any shots at the hospital when they were born. I had to sign some papers where I took responsibility for my child’s health. Since then my kids don’t meet doctors. They have been only visiting dentist. Both of my girls have been very calm individuals. They are friendly and happy kids. They could play by themselves for hours. Their nervous-system is healthy and stable. They have had only diseases like flu or chicken pox. We have kept children in healthy and green environment but we also lived for a year in the capital city and for half a year in Thailand. Kids have been traveling with us all across Europe, Russia and Ukraine. They have been exposed to all kind of environment. Their immune system is strong and self-efficient. Their health is guaranteed. Kids don’t need vaccination to stay healthy.

All they need is love and care from their parents. Continue reading

Play with Sugar!

Do you know that sugar is a legal drug? Here is an experiment for you. Try to avoid eating sugar for one week. (Follow the ingredients of your food also). Then after a week take a large portion of sugar at once and see what it does to your body and mind. Try a can of coca-cola for instance. It will get you high! Next time try for two weeks and then once a month. Play with it, it’s legal!

Charge Your water!

Water is a building block of all that is alive on our planet. It also captures and carries information around the world. It’s like biological internet around us. You have probably seen the different shapes of water molecules captured by Masaru Emoto


The water that we drink from tap or bottles is dead. It doesn’t allow our body cells to multiply. But you can easily change your drinking water into powerful healing everyday-drink. First of all you have to erase the bad information from cell structure of bottled  water by putting plastic bottles with water for a night into freezer (don’t do this with glass bottles!). This cleans up all the stored information and after melting it will be like white piece of paper.
Then pour it into a glass and leave under the sun for at least 5 minutes. Sun charges the water with solar energy and water becomes alive. If you want to have greater healing effect, add silver into water.  For example leave a silver spoon in your glass.
If you want to program your body through water, write some words on a paper and leave under the glass. Now you can drink this water knowing that this is going to charge and heal your body.