Kids with no vaccines

I’m lucky enough to live in a county where vaccination for newborns is not obligatory. Both of my daughters never got any shots at the hospital when they were born. I had to sign some papers where I took responsibility for my child’s health. Since then my kids don’t meet doctors. They have been only visiting dentist. Both of my girls have been very calm individuals. They are friendly and happy kids. They could play by themselves for hours. Their nervous-system is healthy and stable. They have had only diseases like flu or chicken pox. We have kept children in healthy and green environment but we also lived for a year in the capital city and for half a year in Thailand. Kids have been traveling with us all across Europe, Russia and Ukraine. They have been exposed to all kind of environment. Their immune system is strong and self-efficient. Their health is guaranteed. Kids don’t need vaccination to stay healthy.

All they need is love and care from their parents.

You should vaccinate your kids only if you have a strong fear against the disease. If this vaccine will eliminate your fear, then it might be reasonable. But I recommend you to work first on your fear. Analyze, what your fear is based on, educate yourself how efficient the medicine is. Don’t take all the statistics about probability of the decease as granted. Find out if the vaccine really eliminates the probability of the certain decease and what could be the side effects. Get educated and get prepared before you go to maternity hospital, because after might be too late.

Here is a cool song about vaccination from Mike Adams.

1 thought on “Kids with no vaccines

  1. If you still feel you need the vaccine, I strongly recommend use Indian method for vaccination. They poor drop of vaccine through nose. This is the natural way for immune system to fight viruses. By injecting them to human blood stream, these microbes of vaccine do not pass the security gate in the nose. Instead they should be examined for protection in the nose, where body has all the tools to deal with bacterias and learn to fight them.

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