Song “I choose life”

I choose Life!
I have the Power!
I choose Energy!
I am a Flower.
I feel the flavor
I bring Love.
I feel Joy.
I hear voice.
I see the sun rise.
I see all diskise
I know, it’s all right.
I have my own way.
I live it all day.
I breed the fresh air,
And growing long hair,
I dance a lot,
I laugh a lot.
I dream a lot
I see my dreams
as reality.
Reality –
is my fantasy.
I choose my fantasy!
I choose life extasy!
I choose life!


Life is more than that.

Life is more than work for others.

Life is more than be on time.
Life is more than all you troubles.
Life is more than spend your time.
Life is more than have a job.
Life is more than just survive.
Life is more than be important.
Life is more than stay alive.
Life is when you feel you immortal.
Then it give’s you all the Time.
Life is worth living every moment.
Every moment of your Life.

Superstar of Your life.


Your life is like a movie. What role do you act in your life? Are you acting as main caracter or you have a side role? Or maybe you think, you are part of the crowd in your own movie?

This is Your movie! You are the superstar of your life. Start acting like one! Rewrite your script! Change your life into comedy or action! The world will follow your script. The world will accept you as superstar.

Do You live your dream-life now?

If you don’t, then what is missing?

List up 1-10 things that you want to be in your life and concentrate on them. The more you spend time with things you love, the better life you would have. If you work for years to reach your dream life, then you don’t live it. Everyday you should have this experience with you. Every hour you should remind your self is that what you are here for? Should this be a part of my dream? You have limited time to live on this planet, what makes you think that some one else is deserved more of your attention than yourself. Every experience is made for you. As long as you enjoy or hate it. If you let go and concentrate on yourself and your desires, then  experiences will change. You will experience your dream-life.