Singing mantras with great spirits

Mantras help me through my day. I sing different mantras in different situations. There are mantras for protection, for tuning your body, your mood. There are even mantra to grow and heal my teeth. This particular healing mantra we were singing at Sound-Dome, Nashima school on Koh Phangan Island, Thailand. Find out more about mantras in my previous post about Mantras.

Back to Eden

Here is a remarkable story about a guy who reinvented the whole agriculture. At some point in the history we changed the course in agriculture and started to raise plants in our own way. Instead of letting the nature to take care of our crops we force the process by making it so much more complicated for both – earth and farmers. The movie “Back to Eden” shows us the way how farming can be easy and effortless. How plants can grow without watering and weeding. How your land can thrive naturally. I strongly recommend to watch this movie and share with the others, because it’s time for us to take care of our own food on our own land.

Good person.

Is it good to be good? Is it good for you to hide your negative emotions? We expressed our feelings when we were kids. Then we got the lesson that it’s inapropriet to show out if we are frustrated or sad. Since then we have mastered to hide our emotions from others and even from our selves. This way we became good persons.
All the negative feelings are well hidden within us. They don’t leave our body and start to poison us from inside. The anger grows in body and starts to express through deseases, such as cancer. But we continue to act as good persons and keep all the anger hidden inside.
If you want to live a healthy life, stop pretend that you are ok with everything. If your emotions starts to boil in you, find a chance to release them. You don’t have to express your anger at anyone else. If possible, find a private spot and shout it out alone. You can also use your anger to do something useful. The energy of anger is very powerful. You can clean up the house or do some heavy lifting. Just don’t leave it inside you. You can write your anger on paper and burn it. If you really need to shout or swear in public, take your cell phone and act as you speak on a phone. Then no one will take your issues personally.