Ayahuasca ceremony

I finally did my first ayahuasca ceremony here on Koh Phangan island. After years of calling and asking the Universe to give me an opportunity to experience the plant medicine I finally gave up. I stopped thinking about it and lost my interest. Then all of a sudden I was surrounded by people all talking about it, sharing their experiences and preparing for the next ceremony. For some of those girls it was second or even third time to do the ceremony. I had the right amount of money in my pocket, so me and my friend from New York decided to join them. It was a ceremony for nine people from around the world, mostly women. Ceremony was held by a British guy, who was very strict and serious.  During the trip I found out how strong my mind is to keep everything in order. I had to take three doses to get deeper into myself. I figured that I need to change my mind domination and get connected with my heart. Continue reading

Computer – Love.

I sit in front of computer screen

and talk to my wife.

She cries because

I’m so far away.

My emotions are going high

I suffer.

She cryes because of me.

I feel the pain inside of me.

This feeling is so real!

It’s in my chest.

Now who gave me this feeling?

Was it her?

Was it me?

Or was it computer?