How subconsciousness speaks to you?

Subconsciousness (Sub-c.) is receiving much more information than consciousness. It controls our body, temperature, digesting, heart beat, blood pressure etc. We would need a super computer to do all that. But how does Sub-c. speaks to us? There are no words, no pictures or sounds in communication between two different minds. The language of Sub-c. is expressed in Feelings. E.g. every time your stomace get’s empty, you feel hungry. If your body needs rest, you feel tired. These daily feelings describe how the communication works between subconsciousness and our conscious mind. All of our feelings are coming from our Sub-c. For more information about subconsciousness you can watch this precious lecture.

Can You program your mind-computer?

Your mind works just like computer and there are certain ways to program it. Your belief system consists of different programs. All of your thoughts and feelings are related to your belief-system in subconsciousness. To change your perception of reality, you have to reach your subconsciousness and reprogram your belief system. There are different ways to do that. You can choose Psyh-K method. You can use mantras. You can try my own methods of meditations, that will help you change the belief system in your body and mind. By changing errors in your belief system you will change perception of your reality and the world will change around you.