Can You program your mind-computer?

Your mind works just like computer and there are certain ways to program it. Your belief system consists of different programs. All of your thoughts and feelings are related to your belief-system in subconsciousness. To change your perception of reality, you have to reach your subconsciousness and reprogram your belief system. There are different ways to do that. You can choose Psyh-K method. You can use mantras. You can try my own methods of meditations, that will help you change the belief system in your body and mind. By changing errors in your belief system you will change perception of your reality and the world will change around you.


7 thoughts on “Can You program your mind-computer?

  1. I believe that the brain has similarities to a computer. And I believe that the brain has belief systems in it, similar to a computer program. And I believe that some of those programs and belief systems can be modified or replaced. We can change errors in our belief system. And obviously, if our belief system changes, our perception of the world will change. If I change my belief system to something more accurate, and I am part of the world, then the world did actually change. So, in that sense, the world did actually change. It’s one of those things that is a little tricky to understand.

    1. Thank You John!
      Do you have any good examples from your personal experiences?

      1. Growing up, I became used to a certain way that people used the pronoun ‘He’. When people write, they often use the pronoun ‘He’ when referring to ALL people, male and female. This is something that I accepted mindlessly. I never consciously thought about it. Instead of using a generic word like ‘People’, or writing ‘he or she’, the default is often ‘He’. My brain had become programed. Women have noticed this use of the male pronoun when referring to ALL people and pointed it out. A professor in college once suggested, that we try reading with conscious effort to replace the word ‘He’ with the pronoun ‘She’. When I did this, my mind starting to get confused. A certain way of thinking had been so mindlessly engrained in me, that my brain had a hard time switching to a different perspective. Ultimately I was able to realize what I had been doing, and I was able to change my perspective. My understanding broadened. My world changed. The entire world didn’t change, but I am part of the world, and I changed. So the world did change.

      2. You are not part of the world, you are master of your world and everything else is just an illusion, including me.

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