Russian Tantra

Last summer I spent a week in Russian Tantra retreat.
The people there are very extreme. They go far beyond the limits with every practice or exercise. I met girls who were walking on hot coals and broken glass with ease and smile on their face. I learned a lot from russian women. They showed me the other side of love.
I also realized that it’s not enough to be tantric only behind the closed doors, somewhere in nature, away from other people. My next challenge there was to become tantric in public in front of everyone. We had classes in a bar, where people were coming for a drink. We were doing massage and breathing exercises in front of people who didn’t have a clew about energy or tantra.
Then I learned to love all kind of women. It’s easy to share love and do intimate practices with beautiful goddesses, but the real Shiva sees Shakti in any woman. Most of the women on this retreat were much older than me. I learned how to see beauty in any goddess.

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