Pelvic liberation

Yesterday I received a tantra massage from gorgeous Sunny Ju. The massage is called pelvic liberation. It doesn’t include genitals and it lasts for 2 hours. I completely lost the track of time during the session. This massage is focused on sacrum, pelvic area, pubic bone and ties. There is a lot of hidden energy that lies in this area. All suppressed sexuality and emotional stress is hidden between these bones. I was lucky to have such conscious and present practitioner, who could guide me through my emotional inner-world, that I was absolutely unaware of.

Suddenly I was back in a hospital, where my appendix was removed through a surgery, which happened 30 years ago. I remember the rotten smell in the hospital, where the girl next to me was suffering from infection after surgery. My body went back to this experience of pain and fear. I was crying out all the pain that I couldn’t cry back then. My body was holding this memory for decades and my mind didn’t have a clue.

After the emotion got released, I was filled with new energy all over my body. There was like a river flowing through my limbs. This massage has great potential to heal sexuality and release some really old stuff from our bodies. Thank you Sunny for this magical journey to my childhood.


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