Proof of manifestation




I met a bee. Once I drew a flying bee with his tail and moving wings. I loved this picture so I scanned it into my computer and added some colors. It was fifteen years ago when I first drew it.


bee drawing

A bee drawing in 2000




bee tattoo on my skin

bee tattoo on my skin since 2006

Then I made a tattoo with him on my skin. I had a friend who was amateur tattoo artist. He made me this tattoo with the drawing that I showed him. Now I have this bee on my skin.










And then I met him in real life.

It happened in a hotel where I lived on Koh Phangan island. I had a house with a balcony facing the sea. This was my place where I wrote my book. One day a bee appeared in a flower bush next to my balcony. It wasn’t an ordinary bee. His body was shiny like made of gold. It was a funny fellow, he always came to the same place and staid there for hours. He loved to chase butterflies who were passing by the balcony. I used to film him and made many pictures of my new neighbor. Until one day I made this picture!


When I looked at it I was shocked. It was exactly the same bee as I drew it fifteen years ago. The picture I made on a piece of paper, then on my computer and even on my skin – it became true in my reality. I met my own creation.

Now a question to you my dear reader. According to your belief system, was it:

  • A – Total coincidence
  • B – I somehow new this is going to happen
  • C – I created it
  • D – something else

You can answer to that question in comments below. I would love to see your perception of reality. My personal answer is 100% C. Because I was sure that this guy on a photograph was the materialization of my thoughts throughout my life. Every day I was watching that bee on my skin, he was always with me, until finally I had a chance to see him in real life. And this wasn’t an accident that he appeared next to me, he lived there with me for weeks. It took me time to realize it’s him though.

This is the living proof for me that I’m creating my own reality. It doesn’t happen so quickly – it took me 15 years from a picture to real life experience. But it does happen. So I worn everyone who is picking another picture for tattoo. I feel petty for those guys and girls who draw a scull on their skin.  Be aware that you are going to meet this sooner or later in real life.


Software update.

Imagine that You live in virtual reality called Earth 1.5 where you have all the features, senses and other beings to interact with. You play this game for years, you learn all the rules, you taste all the tastes, you learn different languages, play different instruments, drive different cars, experience all kind of feelings. Then you might reach the point where you feel that you have tried it all. Nothing surprise you any more. You have seen different places, met all kind of people and at some point Earth 1.5 becomes boring.

software update

Wouldn’t it be great if you could update your virtual reality to the next version? Imagine entering the new perception of reality Earth 2.0 where you have more dimensions, additional senses and some new skills or even superpowers (like remote viewing or self-healing). Your reality becomes so rich, that you don’t need to travel any more or party every weekend, to feel excitement. You can fully enjoy just sitting and looking at multidimensional flower in your garden. The good news – there is an update available to everyone already. Earth 2.0 is out there and there are many ways to reach it. Actually we all are going to experience it very soon, because this is the shift that is taking place on Earth right now. Lots of people have already experienced it. I personally have had several times this experience where the reality expands around me. The practice to get there is to observe the present moment with the stillness of mind and total presence in here and now. But first you need to clean your mind of all kind of rubbish, like TV-shows, Facebook news, magazines, etc.

Here are some useful exercises to start with: fearless and mind program.

Get ready for your update!

Trust the Universe

The more You start to trust life and less control it with your mind, the more your life changes into a fairytale. We are born to thrive and experience pleasure of life. Sometimes there are hard lessons for us also. Let’s not forget that we chosed these experiences for ourselves. It’s hard for mind to accept the complexity of life and believe that everything is already there for us. We just need to let go of controlling every situation, allow things to come into our life and be present to meet them. This way we make space for much greater experiences and easier solutions in our day to day life. Follow Your dreams and allow Universe to make them happen for you!


Can You program your mind-computer?

Your mind works just like computer and there are certain ways to program it. Your belief system consists of different programs. All of your thoughts and feelings are related to your belief-system in subconsciousness. To change your perception of reality, you have to reach your subconsciousness and reprogram your belief system. There are different ways to do that. You can choose Psyh-K method. You can use mantras. You can try my own methods of meditations, that will help you change the belief system in your body and mind. By changing errors in your belief system you will change perception of your reality and the world will change around you.


How to change the world?

To change the world, change your self.

How can changing me change the world? Changing whois world? Changing My World! It’s not about others world, it’s only about my world. Because if there are no other’s, then there are no other worlds. I’m concentrating only on my world, because I am the one, who lives in it. I want to have the best of it. And I want to keep it. I want my world to thrive with me.


We all are one?

What does it mean – we all are one? Could it mean, that there is only You? Or could you say, that there is no one else but you? 

When You dreaming at night, who makes the dreams for you? Is there someone else in your dream but you? You are the one who makes your dream. The only difference between dream and reality is that in reality everything appears to be more physical and permanent. 

Your mind receives data from information field and creates your own reality of it. All the people around you, all the nature, stars – it’s all Your creation. 

song: “That’s my reality.”

Reality. Is what you see, is what you feel and taste inside.

Reality, is the thing that you hold in your hands.
You can speed your life up, or slow it down.
Repeat after me, don’t speed up,
don’t slow down..
Come on closer,
come on now!

Reality is an illusion, thoughts are real.
My reality is in my hands.
I feel every move I make in my reality.
I feel my thoughts becomes reality.
I feel the power of gravity!
It’s dragging me up and down.
It’s giving me power to grow.
It’s all because I’m alive.
Because I feel the rithm of LIFE!!!

Reality is an illusion, thoughts are real.