Pay Attention!

“Attention is our most powerful tool, but we give it away so easily.” In our daydream We create the reality around us and feed it with energy through our attention. By paying attention to a certain object or topic in specific moment we allow it to be demonstrated, we feed it with our attention. At…Read more Pay Attention!

Talking with clouds.

I grew up in a country, where the climate plays a big role in day to day life. There is usually very short summer and everyone tries to fit all the events into the shallow window of summer. Usually if you are lucky with the weather for your event then everything else comes as a…Read more Talking with clouds.

Software update.

Imagine that You live in virtual reality called Earth 1.5 where you have all the features, senses and other beings to interact with. You play this game for years, you learn all the rules, you taste all the tastes, you learn different languages, play different instruments, drive different cars, experience all kind of feelings. Then…Read more Software update.

Trust the Universe

The more You start to trust life and less control it with your mind, the more your life changes into a fairytale. We are born to thrive and experience pleasure of life. Sometimes there are hard lessons for us also. Let's not forget that we chosed these experiences for ourselves. It's hard for mind to…Read more Trust the Universe

Can You program your mind-computer?

Your mind works just like computer and there are certain ways to program it. Your belief system consists of different programs. All of your thoughts and feelings are related to your belief-system in subconsciousness. To change your perception of reality, you have to reach your subconsciousness and reprogram your belief system. There are different ways…Read more Can You program your mind-computer?

How to change the world?

To change the world, change your self.How can changing me change the world? Changing whois world? Changing My World! It's not about others world, it's only about my world. Because if there are no other's, then there are no other worlds. I'm concentrating only on my world, because I am the one, who lives in…Read more How to change the world?

Every day!

Pay attention to your life. Pay attention to every thing you do during your day. Start adding new things in your every day. Try to do something new every day. Try to say something different every day. Try to go different way every day. Try to listen different music every day. Try to change the…Read more Every day!