Pay Attention!

“Attention is our most powerful tool, but we give it away so easily.”

In our daydream We create the reality around us and feed it with energy through our attention. By paying attention to a certain object or topic in specific moment we allow it to be demonstrated, we feed it with our attention. At that moment nothing else exists any more. The attention gives life to every detail, every being, every event. According to ancient teachings energy always follows the attention. In Hawaii they call it Makia. If you would like to move energy within your body to a certain area, all you need to do is drag your attention into this part of your body and soon it will be filled with your energy. As long as you can keep focus on a certain object, you feed it with universal energy.

That’s why all the politicians, corporations and media are trying to get our attention. There is a war out there in information-field for our attention. Because our attention is what keeps them alive and let them grow. The more emotion is related to your attention, the more energy you give to it. And for these systems it doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive emotion, it still has the power. Like in physics the charge can be positive or negative, but it has the same power. And eventually it’s much easier to get a negative emotion from the crowd. That’s why there are so many bad news around us every day. The more we give our attention to newspapers, commercials, TV shows, news, emails, computer games, social media etc, the less we have power to manifest our own dream-life. We spend our most valuable energy on things and news that don’t support us, we don’t need them. But the system needs us. It needs our attention. This is how we play role of batteries for the system, as it was told in the movie “Matrix”. This science-fiction movie has become reality, but in a softer form. Most of humanity wants to stay asleep, continue daydreaming. We get new technological toys for entertainment and we give all of our attention in return.
That’s why it’s called: “Pay Attention!”

3 thoughts on “Pay Attention!

    1. I wish to book a DMT session with the hope of reesttablishing a solid Connection to the Spirit Kingdom

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