Video: Tea ceremony

Once you clean your body from different toxins and addictions, decrease level of tolerance to sugar, salt and other supplements, your body becomes more sensitive. Some people don’t need more than cup of tea in good company to get high ecstatic vibrations in their body. Enjoy simple pleasures of life through purification and balance.


Imagine your EGO is like a dog. Imagine walking on the street with your big dog with no discipline. It barks on everyone, it bites other people, it runs to catch a cat. This dog is out of control, doing what ever it want’s without listening to you. You are just running and following it where ever it takes you. In this case you have big issues with your EGO. But imagine if your big dog is calm and smart. It knows all the tricks, it follows you without any noise, it doesn’t run away from you, not disturbing people on the street and if you need it, it’s there for you. It protects you from people you don’t want to deal with, it helps you to solve the issues that you run into. It’s your protection, your tool in any situation. You can train your mind to stay calm and quiet, without processing all kind of EGO-centric issues. Your mind should be still, ready to serve you. Once you have a situation, you give a task to your mind and it gives you quick solution.

Does your mind deal with pseudo issues and wasting energy in repeating the same fears and regrets? Do you have thoughts in your mind that starts with: Me; My; to Me; for Me; without Me; Why Me; etc. Or if you ask your self questions like: “What do I get for it?” or “How could he/she do this to Me?” then you still have issues with your EGO. Start train your mind to be still, to be in peace. Try some of my tips from previous blog post. I will have more useful practices in my upcoming book.

With no guns, no soldiers, there is no war.

Our race has been kept isolated from developed races in the Universe. Since our consciousness dropped dramatically we have been in quarantine from the others. We do not have access to modern technology and knowledge as long as we stay violent against each other. As long as there are crimes, wars and killings we are not allowed to use super efficient free energy tools for transportation, teleportation, heat, energy, rejuvenation etc. Because as soon as we get access to tools like this, first thing we do, we start to destroy each other and the Earth too. Ant then if possible, we go and destroy the other species.

For example what we did when we were introduced to nuclear power. First thing our scientists were forced to build bombs and with these bombs we destroyed a lot of living not only here on our planet, but also in other places in the Universe. We caused enormous unbalance with these bombs. We are not allowed to use them any more.

This is how they see us, because the most of our resources we spend on our self destruction. There are so many weapons on this planet and we are constantly working on some new ways how to destroy more of our population. Using chemicals, nano technology, weather changes, pollution, radiation, pharmacy, food, birth-control, GMO, vaccination etc.

When we are going to stop this madness of self-destruction? When will we stop going to war? Even if it’s purely a political or commercial game, they still need soldiers for their war. If we as people refuse to play that game, who is going to be fighting at war?

I was working in military for 8 years and I quit 10 years ago. For me it was just a game. I never hat to kill nobody, I never went to real war. Those kids who go to war, they don’t know what to expect. This is not a game any more. No one wants to kill another, but once they are at the battle field, they are left with no choice.

How could we change the belief that war is a normal thing? How could we teach young men not to take part in this madness? How could we stop corporations and countries to sell weapons to each other? Selling weapons should be same crime as killing people. It should be forbidden once and for all.

Every country should start demolishing their weapons. We should use military technology for other purposes. Defense revenue should be used for building new education instead. It’s time to give up fighting on this planet, if we want to survive. There will be no more war if no one is willing to fight.

Ayahuasca ceremony

I finally did my first ayahuasca ceremony here on Koh Phangan island. After years of calling and asking the Universe to give me an opportunity to experience the plant medicine I finally gave up. I stopped thinking about it and lost my interest. Then all of a sudden I was surrounded by people all talking about it, sharing their experiences and preparing for the next ceremony. For some of those girls it was second or even third time to do the ceremony. I had the right amount of money in my pocket, so me and my friend from New York decided to join them. It was a ceremony for nine people from around the world, mostly women. Ceremony was held by a British guy, who was very strict and serious.  During the trip I found out how strong my mind is to keep everything in order. I had to take three doses to get deeper into myself. I figured that I need to change my mind domination and get connected with my heart. Continue reading