I make my girlfriend smile

only once in a while.

I make her laugh

but not enough.

And then sometimes

my girlfriend cries.

It makes me mad

when she is sad.

Why is it always personal

When she is so emotional?

We fight all night

I’m always right

I stay inside

when things get wild.

My heart stays closed,

I cannot change her I suppose…

Healing relationship with your love.

Here is an exercise for you to do:
Journal, meditate or contemplate on your prior relationships. This will help you in beginning to examine your patterns in relationships with a loving partner. There are four intentions in doing this:
1. The first involves gaining self-awareness and understanding of your patterns of behavior in loving relationships.
2. Then try to determine how your relationship patterns have more to do with you, than the other person.
3. Identify trends in the types of personalities you attract and bring into your life. We often attract people who become our best spiritual teachers, reflecting to us our core beliefs, tendencies and patterns of reality.
4. Relate your personal loving experiences to your behavior in relationship with the Divine.
Then begin to create new energy with the following visualization:
1. Visualize the details of the physical, spiritual, and emotional attributes of your ideal partner.
2. Include what you have experienced, what you desire and what you are willing to offer a loving partner.
3. Resolve how the relationship will create a positive impact on your spiritual unfolding and path.

Save your relationship

Every time your loved one has an emotional breakdown or bad mood, you have to take her in your arms and whisper to her ear: “No matter what you say, feel or do, I still love You.” This will cure almost every problem caused by mind. Unconditional Love is the cure to your relationship.

It allows us to evolve. We have to release all the negative feelings that we carry inside. Lover is the best initiator for you who activates these emotions that you need to deal with. Instead of blaming on the other you should focus inside you to find out what is causing this negative feeling. Talk to your inner-child like parent with a kid. Ask what is bothering him. Give love and protection. Be kind to you and your loved ones.

couple in love