What if a man’s sensitivity is low?

In tantric sех, women open up much faster than men and they understand the values of this practice. For a man, this journey is more difficult, as men have more imposed programs and conditions that they must meet. A man cannot connect with his feelings so easily, and the body’s sensitivity is low. Therefore, tantric sех is also boring for him. Very often he might not feel anything interesting about it. If his genitals are low in sensitivity due to overstimulation, such delicate and sensitive sех is insensitive and pointless for him.

In this article, I will share three suggestions on what to do in such a situation. If for a woman sех becomes more orgasmic and deeper thanks to tantra, for a man intercourse becomes more passive and he is deprived of the only orgasm he have experienced so far. Therefore, I have an online course for arousing a man’s sехuality, where I will introduce five different orgasms that a man can experience during intercourse. This course will take at least half a year for me to complete. Until then, my recommendation is to start waking up a man’s body on his own. Tantra is not only aimed at the pleasures and healing of women. A man can also experience the same powerful orgasms. It’s just that it usually takes longer with him.

My 3 recommendations in this situation are:

First of all, I recommend that couples take a break from sех altogether. Best if you could do 4 weeks without penetration. This means that intimacy remains between you, but without traditional sех. Massage, touch, and compliment each other. Go out, eat, and do things together, but none of the foreplay leads to sех. Such an agreement will help you awaken the senses of the body and raise the polarity so high that after 4 weeks you will be inseparable from each other. 😉

Then I advise the woman to take the initiative. Offer your loved one such an experience where he is the recipient. You prepare the room, send him to the shower, and then give him a full body awakening massage with good oil along with a lingam massage for 2-3 hours. All he has to do is accept and surrender. Try to do it so that he doesn’t come. Spread this arousal throughout his body until you see that he is calm and satisfied. This kind of practice is a very powerful wake-up call for the male body. This will help him to connect with his inner feminine energy. In this way, a man can experience full-body orgasms and energetic orgasms. Female energy opens a man’s body to acceptance and sensitivity so that in the future he no longer needs strong stimulation to enjoy intercourse. Offer your man such a massage several times and you will see how his body opens up to new pleasures more and more each time.

Or thirdly, come with your partner to our couples retreat, where together we will learn about closeness and deeper intimacy. In this retreat, we also teach yoni and lingam massage. In addition, some powerful intimacy practices and rituals. You can talk about very deep wounds from the heart and offer healing to each other through closeness and touch. Our retreat for couples will take place this time in Oanduaia. It is a beautiful farmhouse with a sauna and a hall where we can learn new massage techniques by the warm fireplace. At this retreat you can discuss challenges and joys in your relationship, find new ways to solve problems, and accept each other. Come and give your loved one a gift by spending an unforgettable weekend together with Igor and Bella at the Learn2touch training Retreat for Couples.

See you there!
Igor & Bella


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