Good night talk

Gabriela sleeping

Every night we have tradition with kids to thank the day for at least three things that we loved the most. It’s a good practice to end up a day with a positive note. Gratitude brings us into our heart. It also sends the feedback to the Universe, what is that we prefer to experience during the day. This way we gain more of what we are grateful for.  It’s also nice to have some traditions within the family. It builds security within children. Have you found your own traditions that help you to stay connected with yourself and people close to you?

Retreat at Serenity

My journey in Thailand brought me to an amazing place somewhere in paradise. It’s a small village where all bright souls meet to share their knowledge, their joy of life, celebrating life together. This place is called Serenity Residence. A little French hotel with cozy apartments, private beach and stunning view on sunset. I was participating on two two-weeks retreats in a row together with my daughters.

I learned a lot about yoga, about Ayurveda. Indian teachings are great in their clarity and practical approach. My body expanded it’s physical limits, digestion changed, I started to eat more healthy to feel more comfortable with 3 hours of training every day. Then we had Massage training and lot’s of theory about Ayurvedic principles. I found out that I’m Vata-Pitta person and it helped me a lot to understand my behavior. To find out more about Ayurveda, check out the Sadhana.