Retreat at Serenity

My journey in Thailand brought me to an amazing place somewhere in paradise. It’s a small village where all bright souls meet to share their knowledge, their joy of life, celebrating life together. This place is called Serenity Residence. A little French hotel with cozy apartments, private beach and stunning view on sunset. I was participating on two two-weeks retreats in a row together with my daughters.

I learned a lot about yoga, about Ayurveda. Indian teachings are great in their clarity and practical approach. My body expanded it’s physical limits, digestion changed, I started to eat more healthy to feel more comfortable with 3 hours of training every day. Then we had Massage training and lot’s of theory about Ayurvedic principles. I found out that I’m Vata-Pitta person and it helped me a lot to understand my behavior. To find out more about Ayurveda, check out the Sadhana.

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