10 reasons why not circumcise your son.

First we should see, why men need foreskin on their penis? This body-part has been considered so minor and not useful, that for ages it’s been removed from boys in infant age. Did god has leave a piece of skin on men’s penis by accident? This “mistake of nature” has been eagerly corrected by different cultures for ages now and even nowadays no one seems to question why this body part is necessary, and why we still bother to remove it. 

The foreskin of a penis is an important part of penis structure, that has several functions.  Removing foreskin does not only leave men without the greatest sensation of pleasure, it also affects women satisfaction and concerns the whole society in general. 

Discussion with a circumcision victim who got healed.

In this Interview Shaft Uddin explains how he got healed from his childhood trauma that caused him suffering throughout his whole life.

  1. If you study men’s penis close enough, then you realise that foreskin is actually a fold, that extends when penis shrinks and with erect penis it unfolds. Which means that foreskin gives a penis ability to grow larger. Without foreskin the penis can grow only by 2/3 of its original size. Because there is not enough skin to cover it!
  2. When penis is not erect, the foreskin protects the most sensitive part of men’s body. This tiny area around the head of a penis gives up to 90% of pleasurable sensations to a man while having sex or touching the penis. Without foreskin the penis looses its sensitivity in that area and men cannot feel such pleasure any longer. Loosing the foreskin leaves men without the most arousal sensations.
  3. If a man is not so sensitive in the area of the head of his penis, he then pushes more and becomes more aggressive towards women. Sex act becomes more violent in order for a man to feel the touch and pleasure. This leaves women with more pain and violence in the act of sexual intercourse. You can witness that by watching porn movies, where women are forced to be taken aggressively and brutally and they act to enjoy it. 
  4. If you study yin sex for example, you will find out that very delicate and powerful sensations can be experienced by both parties in a sex act, which is very calm and involves almost no movement at all. But without the foreskin the sensitivity of that part is dramatically lower. 
  5. If circumcised penis is 1/3 shorter than it should be, it leaves also women unsatisfied. Although there is a saying, that size doesn’t matter, there are areas within the vagina that need deeper stimulation for the orgasms. With shorter penis it is almost impossible or very hard to reach them. 
  6. In order to compensate dissatisfaction to partner, men are trying harder to please women with gifts and other goodies. This is a psychological issue, that triggers men to work harder and make more money and that drives our economy for more consumption in general. You can see that in USA, where circumcision is done for more than 50% of men population. The consumption there is one of the highest in the world.
  7. Another obvious drive is the complex of a small penis. If circumcision does not allow the penis to grow to its original size, there is a feeling of incompletion in man’s subconscious mind. He want’s to hide it then with bigger toys, bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger pools, bigger everything. A man who is satisfied with his body and his penis does not spend too much of his money on all these toys. He has his toy already.
  8.  In addition to all these reasons we must not forget the most important one. The trauma, that a child experiences with this procedure is very deep. Men are usually not aware of it, because it’s done at very young age, but it lives within their body for the rest of their lives.
  9. I have met men who are shamed of their penis, because they have been circumcised and they have even scars. This should be every man’s pride, not shame. Some men have fear to undress in public in front of other men or even be exposed in front of their partner. This cripples men both physically and emotionally. 

10. This operation is not safe. There are hundreds of cases where infants have died of infection caused by circumcision. The surgery is usually done without anesthesia or any painkiller. It causes pain and a lot of blood. You can watch some videos of this procedure on youtube, but I don’t recommend it if you are too emotional.

Conclusion: Penis is the most precious part of a man’s body and any violation to this – especially against his own will, is a crime. Please consider these facts before you make your decision, do your own research and listen to your heart. We have to stop being ignorant to all these traditions that are crippling our people.

It’s time for humanity to stand up for our children and stop physical and mental harassment that is causing direct and hidden suffering and violence in our society. If you need assistance on this topic you are free to contact me for personal chat online or face to face. Book your meeting HERE.

If you are a victim of circumcision and you seek for help, join my online training for men where you find peace with your body and learn how to interact with women in a completely new way. Check out my ONLINE COURSE FOR MEN here.

Read the discussion on that topic on Facebook HERE.

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