Challenge for Lovers

What is your biggest challenge in relationship these days? Have you experienced any frustration with your partner? Or your love-life has become the next honeymoon?
This is the new reality that we all are facing right now. For some of us it’s something they have been dreaming of and for some it’s been the biggest fear. What about you? How do you perceive the reality around you? Are you trying to fight with it or you accept the reality as it is? Can you see the benefit of this lockdown for your relationship? Or are you in constant fear?

This lockdown has been a catalyst to all the feelings that are inside of us. Either good or bad – everything is exposed. You are witnessing your shadows and desires. And there is no escape. You can choose, wether fight, surpress and deny these emotions or take responsibility to dive deeper and heal yourself from all these patterns that are not serving you any more.
Are you brave enough to take this opportunity to heal yourself and your relationship by taking time to face the emotions and share them with your partner? Just allow the healing to happen through love and compassion.

We invite you to our online program for couples. It’s a five days challenge where you can work on your relationship and find out new techniques for connection while staying at home. We will be guiding you and your partner to go deeper in your connection and discover new ways to interact in your relationship.

This challenge is for you If you want to:

– Dive deeper into your relationship
– Clean your mind and body
– Face you true feelings and emotions
– Learn how to express your true needs
– Find out the love language of your partner
– Move your relationship onto next level
– Explore the body of your partner in a completely new way

You will be receiving daily new massage practices and tasks to improve closeness with your partner and learn new ways to interact. This online retreat will include 7 different practices and 7 exercises, plus there will be a lecture on topic about oneness, live webinar and lots of extra bonuses. 💝

This is what you will get from this training:

– 7 different exercises to practice with your partner
– 7 different practices to interact with your partner
– Tantra lecture by Osho.
– Online webinar
– New ways to give and receive massage
– Useful tips how to improve your day to day communication
– Fun time with your partner

This training is available for 65€/70$ per couple.

The price includes all the exercises, daily communication and meetings, plus extra bonuses, that you will be able to keep for the future.
Join us on this journey and make your home a love-nest with us. Start practicing new massage techniques with your partner and learn to touch in a new way! 💏

Watch our interview about lockdown depression:

SIGN UP HERE to get your spot on the training and receive daily exercises on your email.

Find the event for challenge on Facebook

We are exited to see you soon.

Lot’s of love!

Igor & Bella

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