I want to introduce to you my new online course for men.

In this course you will learn in 30 days how to prolong your intercourse from minutes to hours without taking any pills or other medicine.

This course is designed for men who want to improve their love life dramatically. 

If you are ready to learn ancient knowledge about lovemaking and female sexuality, then this course is for you. 

Are you ready to experience an easy-to-implement ancient knowledge about a man’s true sexual power, lovemaking and female sexuality that has been hidden from us for ages? If so, this course is exactly what you’ve been looking for. And it will change your life.

During these 30 days you will follow the steps of tantra masters who have reached the highest peaks of ecstasy with women. There are a lot of new practices and exercises for you in this course. You will be receiving new lectures with exercises every day so you can practice them with someone to reach your goal. If that is too much for you, then you are probably not ready for the course yet. This is an intensive course to supercharge and change your love life for good. 

This Course begins on MAY 19’th!

Have you ever suffered from premature ejaculation?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that your intercourse doesn’t last long enough?

And what do you think how does your woman feel when she’s not experiencing the pleasure you could be capable of giving?

What if you will never find a way to solve your problem? How can you satisfy a woman if you last only for five minutes? There is no way you can have a long-lasting loving relationship if your partner never gets satisfied. Sooner or later she will have to cheat on you or just use her toys for self-pleasuring which eventually will lead her to cheating anyway. But It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Neither of you have to suffer any longer. You deserve a great relationship. And It’s not even your fault that you don’t know how to have the best lovelife because no one has ever really taught you that. Actually there is no proper education in schools that would teach us anything useful other than STDs and condoms. We were learning about sex from pornography, which is among the worst sources of information out there. So how on earth should you know anything about the real purpose and secrets of sex? Most men don’t even know what they are doing in bed and that’s why most women are not satisfied and are frustrated. And the problem is not in your physical capabilities, it’s all about your awareness of yourself, proven techniques, and the right knowledge. So the good news is, you can actually learn how to make love like a SUPERHERO!

You can make your partner happy using these unique yet simple techniques and practices.

I have been collecting this knowledge from the best tantra teachers around the world. It took me eleven years to gather the wisdom from fifteen different tantra teachers, dosens of books and some of the biggest tantra schools in the world to combine it all in this truly unique course for men. Yet, the biggest teachers for me personally have been my partners. Those are the women who have shown me the unseen worlds in different dimensions. The concentration of information is vast and intensive to make it the most efficient, exciting, and life-changing training of your life. 


I’m my best example of this. I was a regular guy focused on my career and my love life became miserable. I was overweight and sick in my thirties. I wasn’t happy anymore with the way I looked and the way I made love. My sexual intercourse lasted for five minutes! I couldn’t make my wife happy any more. She was frustrated and even made jokes about me. That was so humiliating for me that I decided to make a change. I started studying tantra back in 2011. It opened a completely new world for me. I got so inspired that I quit my job and started to practice at home with my wife. 

Back then I made a promise to myself that I would do a documentary about the tantric lifestyle. This promise took me on a quest that lasted for five years. I was traveling in Asia, meeting different tantra teachers, living in tantric communities, and making a full documentary about it. The movie is called “The Secret of Tantra” and you can watch it online for free. 

When I was showing the movie to people who were interested in the topic and wanted to improve their love life, it became obvious that something more is needed. In addition to introduction there must be also practical approach. People were looking for a hands-on experience. That led me to creating this course, where anyone can learn the basics of tantra and apply them into day-to-day life. 

Since then my love life has changed dramatically. I can freely have sex for 6-8 hours. I don’t get tired in bed and I can make love with more than one woman at a time. This gives me huge advantage over other men out there. That’s why I’m no longer afraid to lose my lover, because the competition is pathetic. 

According to statistics, the average sexual intercourse lasts for 5.4 minutes.

It is definitely not long enough for partners to feel satisfied. And by satisfaction, I don’t mean a quick release of tension and a good night kiss. I’m talking about deep relaxation, orgastic sensations and even a shift in perception of reality. Those will be the new standards of your love life and your partner will love you for that. I can promise you by the end of this course you will be able to have sex for hours. If you follow my step-by-step formula, which has been tested on dozens of men, you can say goodbye to 5-minutes quickies and short releases of tension. Imagine, in just one month you can become a completely new man, who has confidence and a skill set that would make your girlfriend tremble. That’s why this course is called Super Lover. 


From this course, you will get 14 unique modules on sexuality and relationships that will change your point of view on women and love life in general. You will also get 14 special massage practices, that will teach you how to spend quality time with your partner and also expand your skill level in bodywork. There will be 5 live webinars, where we will be discussing the topics of the course and everyone will have a chance to ask questions about his personal journey and challenges along the way. In addition, you will get 5 useful bonuses throughout the course to keep your motivation high and your partner happy. 

This is not another course where you just listen to a talking head or read articles. This is a hands-on practical life changing journey, where you can rewire your belief system to become a confident lover who is not afraid of women, but rather who has extraordinary skills to satisfy them. After 30 days of active participation and learning, you can easily make women fall in love with you. Then you wouldn’t have to chase them anymore. Instead, women will be chasing YOU. And that’s a wonderful feeling. This will help you to choose the woman of your dreams and not just accept someone, because you think you don’t deserve better. Together we will reach the point where you’ll find your true value and make yourself stand out from the crowd. So get ready to become the Super Lover!

BTW. This is not a pick-up course. Here we are not focused on pick-up lines to get women in bed. If you are looking for pick-up lines, you should choose some other course. Here we are working on rewiring your brain to become a magnet for women where you don’t have to work anymore to pick them up. You will be radiating the frequency that will instantly attract women to you. From there on your job will be to keep track of dating and make sure your partner is truly and wholeheartedly happy with you. 

But don’t wait any longer. If you are still reading to this, it means this message is for you. I see that you have courage and willpower to make this change. This is going to be a shift in your life that’s gonna  take you to the next level. The next level of love and success. So join this course now and you will get instant access to a precious hand-picked bundle filled with unique knowledge that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Click the link below and follow the steps to get your spot in this month-long course.

There will be only one live course of Super Lover – Level 1 for this year. And you cannot enter level 2 if you haven’t done the first one. So make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity losing another year of your success and happiness. 

Imagine how would you feel when you reach the level of knowledge and confidence with women where you are not afraid to approach even the 10 out of 10 points hot lady and you can talk to her with ease. She will find you interesting and you will know exactly how to turn her on and be the best lover in her life. This confidence and skill set are not far from your reach. All you have to do is sign up for this course and soon you will be light years ahead of the vast majority of men, your competitors included. They won’t be able to get even close to your level and you can easily get the woman you are attracted to. 

You gonna love    the   new   you! – this   is the promise     I am giving you. 

This course is built in a way that is easy to follow. The daily practice will not take more than an hour of your day. There are lectures every second day of the course. You can read them and make your own notes or you can watch the videos where I explain everything in detail. Each massage lesson has a video with step-by-step guidance. It’s easy to follow by watching it on a tv-screen or your phone and repeating after me. All the exercises are described in videos so that you will not miss a thing. There will be some bonuses in MP3 and PDF formats that you can keep and use them whenever you need. The course is intuitive and practical, you will be getting emails every other day with new lessons and exercises. We will have LIVE webinars for the group where we can discuss the flow of the course and additional questions regarding your personal development. You will also join an online group with other men who will be supporting you on your journey. This way you’ll feel you are not alone and you have brothers watching your back. 


This course will gain you some new friends who are sharing your experience. You will always have a chance to ask for help or guidance. You will also have lifetime access to exercises and practices that will be helping you to break the ice with women in any circumstances. Imagine you have this toolset always with you when you travel or move and meet new women. You will be confident approaching them and making them feel comfortable around you. This is actually the best tool-set that you can have for that price. These tools will pay off in a matter of days. You will save on those expensive dinners in fancy restaurants. No more overpriced experiences and gifts. From there on, instead, YOU will be the one receiving gifts from women. Because they are going to love YOU SO MUCH. They will be the ones who would do anything to keep you in their lives. That’s why this course is priceless. And if you don’t act now, you will lose the opportunity of your lifetime. So join me now and let’s meet on the other side.

Become the Super Lover. 

You might think right now – that cannot be true. Right? How can my life change in just 30 days? Well, let me tell you something. I have been changing people’s lives in just 5 minutes. I have been coaching men for years and during my practices and studies, I have seen big and strong men bursting into tears when I press their precious buttons by just talking to them. I call it a quantum touch where from one moment a life path of a person can take a new direction. If that is possible in just five minutes of talking to someone, imagine how much you can learn in 30 days! And the learning curve will continue after the course when you start practicing those exercises with your partner. This will be your life-long journey of getting to know women, giving and receiving an unforgettable pleasure. But you have to remember, it all is up to you – how much effort are you really ready to put into shifting towards your goal.

But what if the exercises are too complicated to follow? – you might think.

Most of the exercises in this course are designed for beginners so you don’t have to be a master in yoga to follow these instructions. You can do them with your clothes on and each exercise is no longer than 15 minutes. You will need an hour per day to keep up with the course and have time to practice the exercises.

So, as soon as you get onboard, you will receive an introduction lecture from me where I give you some fundamental tips on how to be in your power as a man. There are 10 typical mistakes that men do when it comes to women. Especially when they meet a woman who is the most desirable for them. I will show you how to change your attitude towards hot women to stay confident and be attractive to them while being YOU.

Now is your moment.

It’s time for you to make a decision whether you will stay in your comfort zone and remain where you at or    you want to move to the next level. 

Are you going to believe that you are not worthy of anything better than you already have? Or will you take the lead of your destiny and choose the woman of your wildest dreams? Are you coming with us to be a part of a team of powerful confident men or will you stay on the side and watch others concurring their dreams? Do you want to be a Super Lover or you would rather be happy with leftovers? Take the jump! Here is your opportunity. And who knows, you might not get another chance in this life. Join us for the most transformational course of your life.

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