Art of Being – Online Festival in Helsinki

Now more than ever most of us need to connect with ourselves and others.The desire for co-creation and compassion is rising in us to fill our bodies with frequency of love and light. These hectic times are teaching us to trust our inner wisdom and listen carefully to our body needs. For that we need to focus on our inner voice, meditate together in silence and create the common field of resonance for healing and evolving.

The world is changing. The time is running out. We are at the peak of the shift. Our consciousness is shifting. There is no turning back. We are evolving, we are becoming one living organism. We are no longer slaves of the old society. THe evil is trying to pull us down with fear but we are not afraid any more. We feel the earth beneath our feet, we stand our ground. We touch the sky with our hearts. We remember who we are. We are divine children of the earth and sky. This is our world. No one can take it from us. We choose to live. We live in peace and joy. We bring paradise to this world. No more suffering. It’s time for the truth. It’s time for peace. It’s time for unity and compassion. It is our time. We are free to choose ourselves. Let’s unite. Let’s come together and join our hearths into a circle – the circle of light. And let’s stay in that healing light to heal the rest of us. Let’s dive into being. Let’s learn the art of being. Join the festival to be  with us.

We invite you to share your presence and attention at the festival, where we can be vulnerable and naked as people in front of each other. We encourage you to step out into the group of likeminded people who will support you and others on our journey and help us to thrive. Find out more here: www.

This weekend will be filled with deep emotional experiences to awaken the wisdom of our bodies and connect to our ancestors for guidance to go through these times with ease and tenderness.You are welcome to join us either online or on site at Joogakoulu Shanti in the centre of Helsinki. We have limited amount of spaces there for you to be with us physically. But you can also tune in using your phone or computer to take part in all of our rituals and workshops. This will be your chance to be a part of community also from your living room.

This festival will be indoors. We will have 3 days full of workshops and cocreation in two parallel halls. We have picked some of the most fascinating workshops fo our participants. For some of you this might be a great opportunity. Check out the lineup of teachers HERE.

If you cannot travel outside, we invite you to travel inside. If you want to visit warm places, we will bring them to you. This festival will bring you the hot feeling of sandy beach and warm nights of Asia. We want to bring you the sounds and smells of Thailand and Bali beaches. Let’s travel without planes or boats. Let’s bring this heat to our hearts, let’s remember what it feels like. Let’s heat up our bodies with closeness and tender touch. 

If you are ready to come, we have 100 spots left, 50 of them can stay overnight at the venue. There are mattresses, showers and a kitchen available. Find out about the program HERE

Come and celebrate the pleasures of life with us!

Much love to you!

Igor Earthchild

DATE: 29-31 OCTOBER 2021
(Runeberginkatu 43,Helsingi )

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