I invite you to join us for a four weeks retreat on Paradise Island, where we have a french village in the warm water of Thailand. Private beach and Yoga hall makes it the best way to focus on practices and inner growth.



  • Allow your wisdom and strength to expand into full potential.
  • Get connected to your body and find out your Soul’s purpose.
  • Share your compassion, love and gratitude.
  • Receive the gift of happiness and purpose of your life.
  • Rise your vibration to the next level.
  • Maximise your capacities to the full potential.
  • Become friends with your own body.
  • Allow yourself to breath and sing fully from your Heart.
  • Share your experience with your friends.
  • Watch them grow with you.

Join us on this life-changing retreat in November 4’th – 26’th 2017


The world is changing every day. We see poeple around us waking up. Humanit needs more people who are willing to be the change. The real change starts from within. It’s time for you to transform your life into new reality. The best spot for the transformation is Koh Phangan island because of it’s high frequency of manifestation. Thoughts become reality sometimes in seconds there. It’s a chance for you to find out your true nature, to become one with your higher self, to love your self. We will share the lifestyle of new humanity with you. There will be endless amount of fruits, daily yoga practices from qualified teachers. We will have daily massage cources, tantric rituals, spiritual movies and much more. Join us for the one month of transformation of our conciousness and receive the new perceprion of your reality.

serenity at night

We will be living in this magnificent villa at the private beach of warm Asian sea. Swimming, dancing, doing yoga and meditating every day.

This place is amazing. Many teachers from around the world love to use this place for their courses and retreats.

We will be learning Dao Yoga massage from one of the coolest teachers that I’ve met. He has been learning different massage techniques in China and Thailand for more than 20 years. Kayenne Lee will be also giving lessons on Acro yoga and lot’s of interesting tricks.

You can join your new family and stay with us in paradise for a month. This could be the best experience of your lifetime.

Here is one of our previous retreats at Serenity with Kayenne Lee.

Kids are also allowed to this retreat. We have a separate kinder-garden and school for kinds in Serenity.

You can register NOW.

Video: Tea ceremony

Once you clean your body from different toxins and addictions, decrease level of tolerance to sugar, salt and other supplements, your body becomes more sensitive. Some people don’t need more than cup of tea in good company to get high ecstatic vibrations in their body. Enjoy simple pleasures of life through purification and balance.

Magic garden

We lost our connection with Mother-Earth as soon as we started to use massively flushing toilets. There is a natural circle in nature where all species give and receive. Human population mostly only takes without giving anything in return. Earth needs our excrement for nutritions and information feedback. Instead of flushing everything down the drain people should find a place in nature and bury their outcome into the ground. Our soil suffers from nutrition defficiency due to massive agriculture and heavy urbanism. Growing crops can be so much easier if we just start eating fresh fruits with seeds and leave our poo into the ground. This way we allow the seeds to grow with our nutritions and information. The nature will take care of the rest for us. All we have to do is to pee on it once in a while. I call it magic garden, because all we have to do is give the feedback and some seeds to Mother Earth and nature will make the magic happen. Eat the seeds without chewing them, find a spot in naturee where you can leave your information, dig a hole, bury it and cover with leafs. In 2-3 years this place will thrive with energy and fruits or vegetables. This will be your magic garden. Let the magic happen!

Travel light

Since I quit my job I have been traveling all around the world. Traveling opens up perceptions of who I really am. It shows me different angles of life and helps me to find out what I like the most in my life. It could be something new that I experience or it’s something that I miss the most from my home. Traveling teaches me to cherish more my home country. I miss so many simple things from my home when I’m away. I learn to appreciate the country where I belong.

I learned to travel with minimum things that I need because everywhere I go there is always abundance and I have everything that I need. I learn to be less attached to things and people around me. I can leave my luggage anywhere. I allow a hotel to take care of my bag. No one will throw it away. For example I left my suitcase at a dorm and called them on the way to a port that I will come and pick it up one day. It’s still there waiting for me. When I go back to this island I will have my things waiting for me there.


If you are at an airport and you feel that the are too many bags with you, take the bag with things you need the least, make a picture of it and go to lost and found section, leave it there saying that you found it. Remember what you had in it, write down the date to remember and then you can come and pick it up at any time within next 2-3 months.

Good night talk

Gabriela sleeping

Every night we have tradition with kids to thank the day for at least three things that we loved the most. It’s a good practice to end up a day with a positive note. Gratitude brings us into our heart. It also sends the feedback to the Universe, what is that we prefer to experience during the day. This way we gain more of what we are grateful for.  It’s also nice to have some traditions within the family. It builds security within children. Have you found your own traditions that help you to stay connected with yourself and people close to you?

a Good day

a good day

What a good day should look like? Nothing special. Just some little things. Fill your good day with small pleasant and useful details that will make it special and joyful. Massage a part of your body. Listen to a new song or pick one of your favorites. Learn one new word in a foreign language. Try a new accord on your ukulele or find lyrics of your favorite song and try to sing it. Meet at least one of five elements: Go for a swim or light up a candle or drive your car with open window to feel the breeze in your face. Reward yourself with a fruit of your choice. Do at least one yoga posture and try to stay in it for as long as you can. Send one letter to one of your friends on Facebook. Do something that pleases you. It’s your day after all. No matter how busy you are with your life, there is always time for little things like these. And if there isn’t, then You should make some. Every day of your life should be a good day filled with these little things. These are the things that make you special. You have to make your life special, no one else will do it for you. This way you will learn to love yourself even more every day. Become your own lover. Treat yourself as the most precious living being. Allow yourself a good day every day.

Software update.

Imagine that You live in virtual reality called Earth 1.5 where you have all the features, senses and other beings to interact with. You play this game for years, you learn all the rules, you taste all the tastes, you learn different languages, play different instruments, drive different cars, experience all kind of feelings. Then you might reach the point where you feel that you have tried it all. Nothing surprise you any more. You have seen different places, met all kind of people and at some point Earth 1.5 becomes boring.

software update

Wouldn’t it be great if you could update your virtual reality to the next version? Imagine entering the new perception of reality Earth 2.0 where you have more dimensions, additional senses and some new skills or even superpowers (like remote viewing or self-healing). Your reality becomes so rich, that you don’t need to travel any more or party every weekend, to feel excitement. You can fully enjoy just sitting and looking at multidimensional flower in your garden. The good news – there is an update available to everyone already. Earth 2.0 is out there and there are many ways to reach it. Actually we all are going to experience it very soon, because this is the shift that is taking place on Earth right now. Lots of people have already experienced it. I personally have had several times this experience where the reality expands around me. The practice to get there is to observe the present moment with the stillness of mind and total presence in here and now. But first you need to clean your mind of all kind of rubbish, like TV-shows, Facebook news, magazines, etc.

Here are some useful exercises to start with: fearless and mind program.

Get ready for your update!

Talking to your fingers.

What if all the people around you are made up by your self, it’s like talking to your fingers. What if you are giving roles to each character in your daydream.

Draw some faces on your fingers and reach your fingers out in front of you. Now you can give a role to each finger. There is your dad, your mother, sister or brother,your friend, your teacher, police officer, priest or a neighbor. Now your fingers has become your authorities. You stop doubting in what they are saying to you. Think about it, if you create all the characters in your story, how can they know more about you than yourself. Next time another authority will come to tell you how the things are and what you should do, imagine him as one of your fingers and then decide what is best in this moment. Don’t ever doubt in yourself, even if you might be wrong. I have been told since I was kid that I should listen to my parents, that parents are always wiser than children, but it’s actually not true, because every new generation is always smarter than the previous. This authority program decreases our true potential.