Magic garden

We lost our connection with Mother-Earth as soon as we started to use massively flushing toilets. There is a natural circle in nature where all species give and receive. Human population mostly only takes without giving anything in return. Earth needs our excrement for nutritions and information feedback. Instead of flushing everything down the drain people should find a place in nature and bury their outcome into the ground. Our soil suffers from nutrition defficiency due to massive agriculture and heavy urbanism. Growing crops can be so much easier if we just start eating fresh fruits with seeds and leave our poo into the ground. This way we allow the seeds to grow with our nutritions and information. The nature will take care of the rest for us. All we have to do is to pee on it once in a while. I call it magic garden, because all we have to do is give the feedback and some seeds to Mother Earth and nature will make the magic happen. Eat the seeds without chewing them, find a spot in naturee where you can leave your information, dig a hole, bury it and cover with leafs. In 2-3 years this place will thrive with energy and fruits or vegetables. This will be your magic garden. Let the magic happen!

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