Proof of manifestation




I met a bee. Once I drew a flying bee with his tail and moving wings. I loved this picture so I scanned it into my computer and added some colors. It was fifteen years ago when I first drew it.


bee drawing

A bee drawing in 2000




bee tattoo on my skin

bee tattoo on my skin since 2006

Then I made a tattoo with him on my skin. I had a friend who was amateur tattoo artist. He made me this tattoo with the drawing that I showed him. Now I have this bee on my skin.










And then I met him in real life.

It happened in a hotel where I lived on Koh Phangan island. I had a house with a balcony facing the sea. This was my place where I wrote my book. One day a bee appeared in a flower bush next to my balcony. It wasn’t an ordinary bee. His body was shiny like made of gold. It was a funny fellow, he always came to the same place and staid there for hours. He loved to chase butterflies who were passing by the balcony. I used to film him and made many pictures of my new neighbor. Until one day I made this picture!


When I looked at it I was shocked. It was exactly the same bee as I drew it fifteen years ago. The picture I made on a piece of paper, then on my computer and even on my skin – it became true in my reality. I met my own creation.

Now a question to you my dear reader. According to your belief system, was it:

  • A – Total coincidence
  • B – I somehow new this is going to happen
  • C – I created it
  • D – something else

You can answer to that question in comments below. I would love to see your perception of reality. My personal answer is 100% C. Because I was sure that this guy on a photograph was the materialization of my thoughts throughout my life. Every day I was watching that bee on my skin, he was always with me, until finally I had a chance to see him in real life. And this wasn’t an accident that he appeared next to me, he lived there with me for weeks. It took me time to realize it’s him though.

This is the living proof for me that I’m creating my own reality. It doesn’t happen so quickly – it took me 15 years from a picture to real life experience. But it does happen. So I worn everyone who is picking another picture for tattoo. I feel petty for those guys and girls who draw a scull on their skin.  Be aware that you are going to meet this sooner or later in real life.


My dreamgirl

I met you in paradise

You were there naked

I was too shy to look.

You said today we swim naked

For me there was no excuse.

I took off my thrauses

and layed next to you.

You were so hot,

I couldn’t hide my errection

And you were just laughing

No need for perfection

We were eating the sun.

I came back later

To have some fun

And then I realized,

Where I have seen you before.

You were on my desktop

a long time ago.

You were now real

I met my creation

My mysterious girl.

You’re back on my desktop

And now I know

That you are somewhere

Enjoining the show.

But one day you will know

I will take away that sadness

And bring you some real snow.

Video: Healing sound

Very often we do not notice what kind of sound surrounds us. When we live in a city, most of the time we are surrounded by noise. It is something inevitable, because we cannot close our ears. They are always open to receive. Different sound can have strong effect on our body. It could have destructive or healing effect. There are commercial music channels that feed people with unhealthy music. The frequency of the sound can be stressful and the message is also not always good.

Instead you can try to listen to healing sounds with positive messages, that will improve your health and keep you in a good mood. Scientists have discovered now the forbidden sounds that can do incredible things. The right sound can straighten human spine, cure deceases like cancer or even aids. Ancient cultures new how to use sound for amazing things. For example Lemurians were using sound temple to rejuvenate human body. Ancient Egiptians were using sound to build high buildings of heavy rocks by creating antigravity in stones.

Here is a good example of sound’s healing effect that I experienced at Sanctuary on Koh Phangan island in Thailand.

Lost in Asia. Part 3.

When I crossed the border in Malaysia my first destination was Kotha Baru. It’s a small town near the north Border, where most of population are moslems. It looks more like being in middle east than in Asia. I wanted to move from there as quick as possible. I took a night bus to Kuala Lumpur and went to international airport from there. I got my tickets to Germany and was hoping to be in Europe soon. Once I went to my flight I was stopped by Malaysian immigration officers. They didn’t let me out of the country because I didn’t have the stamp of entrance in my passport. I was told to go to local main immigration office where they will decide what to do with me. Instead I travelled to George town – the capital of visas for travelers in Asia. I met there someone who has connections in immigration. I was told this guy could help me get a stamp. When he saw my passport, he said I should get out of there and get back to Thailand as soon as possible. I was illegal in Malaysia. He said it’s dangerous to be illegal in this country. I could end up in jail with illegal immigrants from poor countries and this is not good place to be. My passport looked like I never left Thailand. So I decided to make some cosmetic changes in my passport…

After that it looked much better, but I still didn’t get a stamp from this guy. He said I should just give myself up in embassy and pay a fine for overstaying in Malaysia. So now I had two choices. Either go  back to Thailand or give myself up in Malaysian embassy. I decided to try my luck first in embassy at Kuala Lumpur. Once I got there and explained my situation, they sent me to the main office. I decided not to go there, but take my chance to get a stamp on the border. Once I got to Kotha Baru and reached the border from there, I had to enter from the other side to get my stamp of entrance. But again they refused to give it to me without a stamp from Thailand with the same date on it. So I had to cross the border to get my stamp and this time I was lucky. They guy at the passport gate asked me a couple of questions about how long I’m going to stay and gave me stamp for entrance to Thailand. Now I was official in Thailand with my fresh stamp. I staid there for 10 minutes, listened to Thai hymn greeting me from my adventure and I went back to Malaysia. The migration office at the border of Malaysia was still confused with my passport but this time they had to accept this. They added some stamps to my passport so that it would look more official and let me in. Now I was clean! I didn’t pay Thailand for overstaying and I didn’t pay Malaysia for illegal entrance. But I lost a lot of money and time on tickets and travelling to fix my issue. I was surprised how long it took me to get out of the country. Asian people are not so easy to negotiate with. If anyone has overstayed in Thailand or Malaysia for long time and wants to save money, my recommendation to you is to “Loose” your passport and apply for a new one at your embassy. With clean passport no one will charge you for overstaying.

Magic garden

We lost our connection with Mother-Earth as soon as we started to use massively flushing toilets. There is a natural circle in nature where all species give and receive. Human population mostly only takes without giving anything in return. Earth needs our excrement for nutritions and information feedback. Instead of flushing everything down the drain people should find a place in nature and bury their outcome into the ground. Our soil suffers from nutrition defficiency due to massive agriculture and heavy urbanism. Growing crops can be so much easier if we just start eating fresh fruits with seeds and leave our poo into the ground. This way we allow the seeds to grow with our nutritions and information. The nature will take care of the rest for us. All we have to do is to pee on it once in a while. I call it magic garden, because all we have to do is give the feedback and some seeds to Mother Earth and nature will make the magic happen. Eat the seeds without chewing them, find a spot in naturee where you can leave your information, dig a hole, bury it and cover with leafs. In 2-3 years this place will thrive with energy and fruits or vegetables. This will be your magic garden. Let the magic happen!

Lost in Asia. Part 2.

When I finally decided to move on with my life and leave Thailand, I didn’t have any more 20 000 Baht in my pocket to pay the fine for overstaying. To be honest it wasn’t also my biggest intention, because I find it unfair to pay fine for living in paradise. Everyone who born on this planet should have the right to live where ever they want. This is our home – everywhere.

Lost in asia

I decided to leave the country without passing through passport control. I tried my luck first on northern border of Thailand, but the border there is very strict and well guarded. I didn’t manage to sneak out of the country or convince boarder guards. I flew back to Bangkok, btw flying with overdue passport is no problem within Thailand. Once I was at Bangkok airport I tried to agree with migration to leave the country but they send me back saying that I need to get my ticket first and then they will deal with me. Someone from airline company explained to me that once I have the boarding pass, they will send me into chamber and keep me there until I have money to pay the fine for overstaying. I didn’t like this plan, so I decided to try my luck in South of Thailand. I went to Tak Bai, where the border between Thailand and Malaysia goes by a river. That area is very different from the rest or Thailand. The people there are mostly Muslims, there are lot of security with firearms on streets. It’s definitely not touristic area, but the border is very easy to cross. By the shore of river between two countries there are no border guards, only a migration office where anyone can go or just skip. By the river there are many locals with boats who are making their living by getting people across the river for very cheap price. Once I was on the other side, I went to migration to get my tam of entrance. Unfortunately Malaysian migration didn’t give me stamp because I didn’t have the stamp from Thailand. I didn’t dare to go back to Thailand, so I sneaked into Malaysia without stamp. I was free! At least I thought so..

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My love in Koh Phangan.

Phangan is a magic word. For most of the population it’s just an island somewhere in Thailand. And for some it’s a lovestory. A lovestory with their selves. This island teaches you, how to fall in love with yourself again. It gives the best treatment and food for your body, you get enough sunlight and swimming in warm water every day. You can find the best choclet in the world here. You can find the best parties for every taste. And if you are not connected with yourself, if you push too much, the island will give you a lesson. It will make you stay shanty and in peace with your self and take your time. People come here to share their best practices and knowledge. You can learn a lot about yourself and about the other cultures. And once you have enough of social life, you can find your quiet place within the nature, a bungalow, a hotel or just jungle to stay there by yourself and meditate. Spend some time with yourself, enjoy your own best company. Once you learn to truhly love yourself you are ready to share the love with the others. Only when you accept your being unconditionally, only then you can experience true love with your partner. Love is about giving and once feel fulfillment, you can give in abundance. You are not looking any more for others to fill your need for love. You become the souce that radiates pure unconditional power of love, changing the World around you into peaceful and thriving place.

Lost in Asia. Part 1

I started my traveling in Asia in October 2014. Actually it wasn’t much traveling because I preferred to stay in one place, get to know locals and get used to local environment. We picked Koh Phangan island, which is famous by it’s spiritual atmosphere. There are many schools and treatment centers that are famous around the world. I rented a house by a beach where we staid for five months. I was with my two daughters. We had palm-trees, swimming pools and beautiful beaches. It was great way to spend winter on a beautiful warm tropical island with all those spiritual people. But soon we had to move. To prolong our staying we had to leave the country and come back again. We did it once with both kids, then we did it another time to embassy and then I decided that we wouldn’t do it again. It was too much stress to travel on a buss to Penang island in Malaysia. We changed buses for five times during our trip. Then after paying for new stamps, tickets and food we were ready to travel back on our island. It’s huge business in George town to prolong staying for all the tourists from Thailand and other Asian countries.

LostSo I decided not to prolong my passport for staying in Thailand for the next half a year. Five months later my daughters left Asia with their mom. For them it was easy – luckily Thailand don’t charge fine for children overstaying. For adults it costs 500 B per day. The fine for overstaying can reach up to 20 000 B max. I didn’t want to spend this money, so after  months of living in Thailand I had to find my way out of this country.

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