Lost in Asia. Part 2.

When I finally decided to move on with my life and leave Thailand, I didn’t have any more 20 000 Baht in my pocket to pay the fine for overstaying. To be honest it wasn’t also my biggest intention, because I find it unfair to pay fine for living in paradise. Everyone who born on this planet should have the right to live where ever they want. This is our home – everywhere.

Lost in asia

I decided to leave the country without passing through passport control. I tried my luck first on northern border of Thailand, but the border there is very strict and well guarded. I didn’t manage to sneak out of the country or convince boarder guards. I flew back to Bangkok, btw flying with overdue passport is no problem within Thailand. Once I was at Bangkok airport I tried to agree with migration to leave the country but they send me back saying that I need to get my ticket first and then they will deal with me. Someone from airline company explained to me that once I have the boarding pass, they will send me into chamber and keep me there until I have money to pay the fine for overstaying. I didn’t like this plan, so I decided to try my luck in South of Thailand. I went to Tak Bai, where the border between Thailand and Malaysia goes by a river. That area is very different from the rest or Thailand. The people there are mostly Muslims, there are lot of security with firearms on streets. It’s definitely not touristic area, but the border is very easy to cross. By the shore of river between two countries there are no border guards, only a migration office where anyone can go or just skip. By the river there are many locals with boats who are making their living by getting people across the river for very cheap price. Once I was on the other side, I went to migration to get my tam of entrance. Unfortunately Malaysian migration didn’t give me stamp because I didn’t have the stamp from Thailand. I didn’t dare to go back to Thailand, so I sneaked into Malaysia without stamp. I was free! At least I thought so..

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