Lost in Asia. Part 1

I started my traveling in Asia in October 2014. Actually it wasn’t much traveling because I preferred to stay in one place, get to know locals and get used to local environment. We picked Koh Phangan island, which is famous by it’s spiritual atmosphere. There are many schools and treatment centers that are famous around the world. I rented a house by a beach where we staid for five months. I was with my two daughters. We had palm-trees, swimming pools and beautiful beaches. It was great way to spend winter on a beautiful warm tropical island with all those spiritual people. But soon we had to move. To prolong our staying we had to leave the country and come back again. We did it once with both kids, then we did it another time to embassy and then I decided that we wouldn’t do it again. It was too much stress to travel on a buss to Penang island in Malaysia. We changed buses for five times during our trip. Then after paying for new stamps, tickets and food we were ready to travel back on our island. It’s huge business in George town to prolong staying for all the tourists from Thailand and other Asian countries.

LostSo I decided not to prolong my passport for staying in Thailand for the next half a year. Five months later my daughters left Asia with their mom. For them it was easy – luckily Thailand don’t charge fine for children overstaying. For adults it costs 500 B per day. The fine for overstaying can reach up to 20 000 B max. I didn’t want to spend this money, so after  months of living in Thailand I had to find my way out of this country.

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