2015 in review


I thank everyone who reads my blog for this buzy year and I promise to keep this blog active and interesting for the next year. There will be more films about my traveling, my parenting and my other experiences in this incredible life. Have a great new year everyone!

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Magic in France

Last year something magical happened to me. We broke up with my wife three years ago, but we staid together to grow kids and share life. At one point it became very hard for me and I lost meaning in life. I was asking for help. Then Universe sent me an angel in human body. I met a girl who came to Tantra festival in Estonia. She had an inner calling to come there. She didn’t know the language of this country, she didn’t have any friends, but she bought flight tickets and came. We met on the first night of festival. Both me and her were about to leave the gathering when suddenly a group of people picked us and placed in the middle of love circle. We met through hug in anahata circle. After that we couldn’t let go of each other for hours. I met a girl who is like my reflection. We live in different worlds, but we think the same way, we do the same things, it is so strange.

After one month we went to visit her in France with my family. We went there with my two girls and my ex wife. I wanted to find out what is the best way to go further. Should we live all together, or should I stay with my girlfriend. We spent two weeks in beautiful nature of South France.

I promised to love both women, so we were sharing love between three of us. Every day we were making meditations, rituals, having tantric sex and sharing love with each other. This experience was magical. For me it was mind blowing to have two beautiful women sharing love with me and each other. Our kids were with us. They got used to my new girlfriend and became good friends. We also solved many hard feelings, there was anger and pain. Girls were fighting and then making peace and loving each other. By the end of the trip it was clear for me, that I love only one woman. Anastasia solved all of her emotions and felt free. We made a great progress within these two weeks. After that we all felt different even when looking into mirror. I find this very exciting way to move from one relationship to another. We all shared something magical during this journey.

Lost in Asia. Part 1

I started my traveling in Asia in October 2014. Actually it wasn’t much traveling because I preferred to stay in one place, get to know locals and get used to local environment. We picked Koh Phangan island, which is famous by it’s spiritual atmosphere. There are many schools and treatment centers that are famous around the world. I rented a house by a beach where we staid for five months. I was with my two daughters. We had palm-trees, swimming pools and beautiful beaches. It was great way to spend winter on a beautiful warm tropical island with all those spiritual people. But soon we had to move. To prolong our staying we had to leave the country and come back again. We did it once with both kids, then we did it another time to embassy and then I decided that we wouldn’t do it again. It was too much stress to travel on a buss to Penang island in Malaysia. We changed buses for five times during our trip. Then after paying for new stamps, tickets and food we were ready to travel back on our island. It’s huge business in George town to prolong staying for all the tourists from Thailand and other Asian countries.

LostSo I decided not to prolong my passport for staying in Thailand for the next half a year. Five months later my daughters left Asia with their mom. For them it was easy – luckily Thailand don’t charge fine for children overstaying. For adults it costs 500 B per day. The fine for overstaying can reach up to 20 000 B max. I didn’t want to spend this money, so after  months of living in Thailand I had to find my way out of this country.

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Good night talk

Gabriela sleeping

Every night we have tradition with kids to thank the day for at least three things that we loved the most. It’s a good practice to end up a day with a positive note. Gratitude brings us into our heart. It also sends the feedback to the Universe, what is that we prefer to experience during the day. This way we gain more of what we are grateful for.  It’s also nice to have some traditions within the family. It builds security within children. Have you found your own traditions that help you to stay connected with yourself and people close to you?

Kids with no vaccines

I’m lucky enough to live in a county where vaccination for newborns is not obligatory. Both of my daughters never got any shots at the hospital when they were born. I had to sign some papers where I took responsibility for my child’s health. Since then my kids don’t meet doctors. They have been only visiting dentist. Both of my girls have been very calm individuals. They are friendly and happy kids. They could play by themselves for hours. Their nervous-system is healthy and stable. They have had only diseases like flu or chicken pox. We have kept children in healthy and green environment but we also lived for a year in the capital city and for half a year in Thailand. Kids have been traveling with us all across Europe, Russia and Ukraine. They have been exposed to all kind of environment. Their immune system is strong and self-efficient. Their health is guaranteed. Kids don’t need vaccination to stay healthy.

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Men make kids

Men make kids

Men make kids

The biggest creation of a man is a new living being. But creation doesn’t end with semen. There are five stages in co-creation of a person: Preparation, Intercourse, pregnancy, birth, growth.

Preparation begins long before intercourse, if you want to have special kids. First you start with purification of your body and mind. Let go of fears what could go wrong. Quit all the bad habits. Tune your awareness on higher frequency and ask for a beautiful soul into your life. You can even call for a great spirit to join you.

Intercourse should be ritual, where all preparations has been made according to your beliefs or religion. Send this great message to the Universe that you are ready to serve new life on this beautiful planet. The choice – boy or girl will be made during the intercourse. It depends on how active man is. If the man takes the lead and is confident enough, a boy will born. If man allows the woman to lead and shows less confidence, it’s going to be a girl.

Pregnancy is the most precious time for taking good care of your partner. This valuable time should be spent together. Help her to feel confident and secured. The child has her senses, their nervous system is connected. Kids can even see through belly. (I will have an example of it in my book). Now you can start to communicate with the soul. Stay away from Ultrasound and Ex Ray. Find your own way to connect with the baby inside the belly. For us the best tool was to use pendulum. It helped us to find out precisely gender, day of birth and even the name of our third child.

Birth has a crucial effect on child’s development. The old way of receiving birth in a hospital environment could often cause psychological trauma to the newborn. Father has to be present during the birth. He should be the first person who meets the new soul. I will go more into detail about it in my upcoming book. It’s important to stay away from any kind of vaccines what so ever. The longer you can keep your baby without any vaccination the better. We will discuss more about it in the next topic kids with no vaccines.

Growth of a child and parenting is the most fascinating experience that you can get. It gives you an opportunity to create reality for new consciousness, new life. Together with your partner you create totally unique environment for your child. You can witness amazing development of a human being. You can also experience your own childhood again and heal some of your own traumas from early age. According to Universal law mother gives love to child and father gives knowledge. As a father you become natural teacher to your kids or even other kids. This is a journey where you can learn a lot for your self because our children are our biggest teachers.