Talking to your fingers.

What if all the people around you are made up by your self, it’s like talking to your fingers. What if you are giving roles to each character in your daydream.

Draw some faces on your fingers and reach your fingers out in front of you. Now you can give a role to each finger. There is your dad, your mother, sister or brother,your friend, your teacher, police officer, priest or a neighbor. Now your fingers has become your authorities. You stop doubting in what they are saying to you. Think about it, if you create all the characters in your story, how can they know more about you than yourself. Next time another authority will come to tell you how the things are and what you should do, imagine him as one of your fingers and then decide what is best in this moment. Don’t ever doubt in yourself, even if you might be wrong. I have been told since I was kid that I should listen to my parents, that parents are always wiser than children, but it’s actually not true, because every new generation is always smarter than the previous. This authority program decreases our true potential.


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