Вебинар с Игорем Эртчайлдом.

Тема сегодняшнего семинара Сексуальность в Тантре https://youtu.be/kAZ31Je6HzQ Автор семинара Игорь Эртчайлд. Вопросы можно задавать либо внизу этой страницы, либо открыв YOUTUBE можно писать вопросы и комментарии прямо в чат, как показано на картинке в низу. Также можете настроить резолюцию, чтобы картинка была как можно лучше. Приятного вам семинара. Инструкция чата для семинара СЮРПРИЗ! Мы очень…Read more Вебинар с Игорем Эртчайлдом.

Tantric family gathering

Tantra Festival 2019

This year from 16'th till 21'st of July we are organising the seventh Tantra Festival in a row. Tantra festival is not just an event. It’s not just a party or retreat. This is the gathering of enlightened souls who are ready to step out of misery and pain. Add - they are ready to…Read more Tantra Festival 2019

What happened on Tantra festival? Part 4

I woke up next to the most beautiful girl of that festival and I knew this was the last day of our event. I already lost the track of  time and day. My energy was so high that I could barely touch the ground. The morning Chi Gong grounded me back to my body. I…Read more What happened on Tantra festival? Part 4

What happened on Tantra festival? Part 2

The story about festival HOL continues. The third day at the festival started with a heart opening gathering. The energy went so high that everyone could feel it. There was much more love in the air compared to the beginning. People started to open up and share the blissful presence with each other. During the…Read more What happened on Tantra festival? Part 2


I invite you to join us for a four weeks retreat on Paradise Island, where we have a french village in the warm water of Thailand. Private beach and Yoga hall makes it the best way to focus on practices and inner growth.     Allow your wisdom and strength to expand into full potential.…Read more Transformation