Tantra Festival in Estonia 2023

This festival will show you your full potential and make you feel happy. In just 4 days you will reach your heart and experience universal love toward everyone. That kind of love connects and unites all the living. 

Igor Earthchild introduces his festival Tantrafest 2023

But not all of us are ready to meet that bright light within ourselves. There are those of us who choose a different path of existence in this realm. That’s why we don’t force it upon everyone. The right people will find us when they feel they are ready. If you don’t have a calling, maybe it’s not for you then. If you can’t party without alcohol and drugs, if you chase partners just to get laid, then It might take time before you are ready to appreciate a festival like this. 

But if you are tired of drunk and smoking people, if you don’t want to get high anymore just to have fun, if you are looking for a deeper meaning to all this, then this festival is for you. 

Imagine how horrible it is if there is no other way to connect with one another except when you are drunk. What is the quality of our relationships if we cannot even think straight when getting to know each other? There is no way you could find a happy and uplifting relationship with someone from such a meeting. 

Why 9 out of 10 marriages get divorced. 

How many times have you come to realize that the partner you met at a bar or a nightclub, is completely not your type? It feels hopeless to find a soulmate in a place like this. Instead, you bump into others like you wandering around in a crowd, looking for someone who has the same desire centers activated. Later the next day when this desire is fulfilled, there is nothing else left that you would have in common. That’s why we see the statistics, where 9 out of 10 marriages get divorced. 

So the problem is not choosing the wrong people but looking in the wrong place. Instead of chasing lovers from nightclubs, you should try a real connection with people at a tantra festival where there is no alcohol or drugs, no one is chasing a prey to fulfill the desire. Instead, people are gathering to experience bliss and celebrating it together. It is a proven fact. 

Out of the dozens of examples, I would like to share my personal experience with you. After years of trying, meeting, and failing I was losing hope that there is someone for me. After seven years of an unhappy marriage, which was a disaster, I was so against the relationships that I even stayed in celibacy for almost two years. By that time I thought I would never fall in love again. I was avoiding women and staying away from deep connections in fear of getting hurt again. There was a deep issue with the trust towards women within me. Until one day I met a pure soul with a warm heart at a tantra festival. We both could feel how our bodies connected as soon as we met. After the festival we started dating. Soon it became the most exciting and nourishing relationship for me. Four happy years later we got married, but our honeymoons are still not over. And the best part of this is – we never have to fight in our relationship. I never thought it’s even possible. I’m very grateful for this present in my life. Now we raise kids together, we build our online business together, we are doing a tantra festival together, we are deeply in love. 

A couple of Love

I’m deeply in love
With this beautiful body
I’m strongly connected
To this wonderful soul
I see our union
As Universe reflected
It’s one in a million
That is graved in the stone
Our beautiful unity
Is filled with desire
We lift eachother
And set up on fire
We feel ourselves
As a couple of love
A cup of desire
I wouldn’t be a liar
Couse we are above…

For me it would not be possible without the tantra festival where we met. But for you – you might think it could happen anywhere. And you are probably right but think about all the probabilities to meet the right person randomly on a street. Especially if you prefer someone who takes care of himself, who doesn’t smoke or drink, who likes to do yoga or meditatite. Someone who eats healthy and also cares for the environment around them. These and many other criterias were crucial for me. And guess what – there are a lot of people at the tantra festival who are exactly that type. So it’s hard to miss once you are there. You will definitely find someone who is healthy and fit. I would even say there is no place like the festival where you meet so many healthy and happy people at once. 

That’s why I’ve been doing this festival for more than 6 years now. Estonian Tantra Festival has brought together and changed the lives of thousands of people. This tradition has raised the energy frequency on our land for more than a decade. And it keeps on growing year by year. 

I’m Igor Earthchild – the main organizer of Estonian Tantra Festival, I’m also a therapist and tantra teacher. I’m a founder of an international online massage academy learn2touch.com I’m also the author of a documentary “The Secret of Tantra” which was released in 2017 – Hey, if you buy the ticket now,  I will share this documentary with you. So once you sign up for our festival, you will be able to watch the movie about tantra tonight. And by the time you get to the festival, you will meet the people of your taste. This will become your new family. The people you can trust and build long lasting and happy relationships with. So click the button below and join this group of happy and successful people as you are. 

You see – there is something special in you that resonates with all that. Otherwise you wouldn’t be (listening/reading) to my story so far. That’s what makes us alike. We both care for our lives and we want to achieve happiness and bliss in this life-time. I will give you a shortcut here. 

When coming to this festival, you will get to know some of the best teachers in the world in this field. You will meet them face to face. you will also learn the secrets of intimacy and lovemaking that will change dramatically the way you connect with your partner. Plus there will be dance shows, yoga classes, love lounges, lectures, naked spa and so much more. 

The price includes 3 meals of vegan local food each day. For a regular ticket you can stay in your tent or a caravan. But with a premium you will be sleeping in a nice fancy hotel room right on top of the venue. Imagine waking up in the middle of a festival surrounded by beautiful people who are treating you as a family member. Going to workshops, eating, sleeping together as a big warm family. 

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Get your ticket now and you will be celebrating with us soon. The celebration of life is waiting for you. Right now the price for the festival is cheaper than usual, but it will go higher soon! Plus you only have to pay a half of the price now and the rest you can pay later once you get there. So by paying now the half of a ticket (which is only 170€) you will book your entrance to the festival which starts on July the 6’th 2023. The rest of the price you will pay IN CASH once you get there. This will give you access to the festival and all the workshops, plus you will have 3 vegan meals per day. You can sleep in your tent or a caravan and enjoy the full show with us. Find out more about the details here: INFO

So basically you pay as much as food and accommodation and you’ll get a full festival in return. That’s how good this deal is right now. So get your access by clicking this button below. And if this is not good enough for you, use my special discount code L2T , that will give you an extra -10€

But if the festival is in July why bother buying the ticket now, you might think. Who knows what will happen in July, you might be somewhere else. And I get it! It’s very common to be in the present moment not thinking about future events. But if you do the investment now and set your intention on having the best festival experience in July, the universe will deliver and even over deliver your expectations. The price for the ticket will get more expensive and we might run out of tickets as it happened the other year. So by getting your ticket today you will send out a clear message to the universe that this is something you want to experience in your life. Your intention will make it happen for you. 

So now is the time to make a decision and set an intention so that the universe will bring you the right gifts. Get your access to the festival now and in minutes you will be watching the documentary about tantra and tantric lifestyle waiting for your own first tantric experience. We will also share some massage practices with you as an extra bonus. This will make you a confident partner who is not afraid of touch and knows exactly how to approach someone physically. So all of this is waiting for you as soon as you get your access to one of the best tantra festivals in the world. 

Actually, there are dozens of different tantra festivals out there and you might get lost in all of them. That’s why I recommend you to act right now. Otherwise, you will lose this proposal and will be wandering around different events. I’m not saying they are worse than this one, but I can tell you that we provide one of the best qualities in this field. You will not regret your experience at Estonian Tantra Festival. I can guarantee you that. So don’t lose the opportunity and make sure you get your ticket here. Otherwise, we might never meet again.   

With Love

Igor Earthchild

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