What happened on Tantra festival? Part 4

I woke up next to the most beautiful girl of that festival and I knew this was the last day of our event. I already lost the track of  time and day. My energy was so high that I could barely touch the ground. The morning Chi Gong grounded me back to my body. I was so in love with all those people who gathered for this week of joy and celebration. We had some final ceremonies and lot’s of tears of happiness. Then I found out that the girl I went to sauna with and the lady with sparkling eyes and perfect body I met the other day were somehow relatives. I have had relationships with sisters before but this time was different. It blew my mind when I realised that these two women were mother and daughter! When I looked at them, they looked like two girlfriends, I wouldn’t ever guessed, that they are actually so close relatives. They both were young and full of feminine beauty – I was amazed, honestly.

This night we spent in Love Lounge, which was filled with hungry people. They were hungry for love. People got so horny that something had to change in the energy. Otherwise it would have ended up as an orgy. So we decided to play a game of SM. We were in two couples spanking each-other, tiding up and beating so hard that people around us started to get curious. I had a girl with super high tolerance for pain. I could spank her very hard and she was just laughing. This whole game was so loud that people got distracted from their hunger and started to play with us. Soon the whole Love Lounge became a playground with handcuffs, whips, ropes and lots of laughter and fun.

Then my favourite girl with supermodel look joined us. I decided to surprise her with my tantric game, which I call “the journey on her skin”. I took a large feather, got her all naked and started to travel inch by inch with this feather on her body, creating goosebumps on her skin and pleasurable sounds when I touched certain areas. I love this game, because it allows me to map up the whole body of my partner and find out the most erogenous zones. I call them the buttons. By the way her mother was looking at us the whole time from a distance, watching me playing with her daughter in a teasing and loving way. That was the best ending to this magical festival.

When the festival came to an end, I staid there with some men for an other week or so to clear up the space and finish what we started. We had some final ceremonies by the fire and promised to each other to keep the goddess honoured and spirit high. After I left the festival I went to live with my new women – mother and daughter. I loved them both so much. I spent the rest of the summer with them. We went through some deep emotional states and cleared up the relationships, that were stuck in the old traditional beliefs about how parents should communicate with their kids. We let go of the parenting dogmas and became loving towards each other as humans. That was a profound experience of another tantric relationship in my life, which I never forget.

If this whole story seems to be impossible to happen within 6 days of festival. Or if you think I’m exaggerating a little bit, then actually I expressed only the tip of an iceberg here. To see it for your self, you should come to my festival this year and bear in mind just this one mantra: “How could it get any better?

NB! Festival Tickets are on sale.
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