Tantra Festival 2019

This year from 16’th till 21’st of July we are organising the seventh Tantra Festival in a row.

Tantra festival is not just an event. It’s not just a party or retreat. This is the gathering of enlightened souls who are ready to step out of misery and pain. Add – they are ready to expand and liberate! This is the new way of life. The  new generation gathers to live together in love, harmony and co-creative environment.

For one week we are free from dogmas, beliefs, duties and loneliness. At least once a year we can actually live our dream-life with our loving self-chosen family and favourite teachers. Come and join this celebration of life and help us create the new humanity on Earth.

Get your ticket to our best event for this summer and join our family here:


Find out more about what’s happening on tantra festival.

Here I share my personal experience with you:

What happened on tantra festival – 1
What happened on tantra festival – 2
What happened on tantra festival – 3
What happened on tantra festival – 4






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